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Power-packed features help you interpret the voices of your employees with ease.


Professional engagement surveys—ready, set, send

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Fresh surveys—no repeats

Every survey throughout the year is different, preventing your employees from getting bored and giving you a more detailed understanding of engagement across your organization.

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Modern survey experience

Intuitive, human design makes surveys feel more like conversations. Whether your employees use iOS, Android, or a desktop, they’ll enjoy a premium experience on any device.

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Custom branding

Surveys are branded with your organization's logo and company colors, extending your brand’s image to the engagement experience.

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Short but effective

You don’t have to ask a ton of questions to get meaningful insights. Engage surveys are designed to be quick and effective, allowing employees to get back to work.


Put your surveys on autopilot

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Getting started is a breeze

Remove the burden of planning and deploying your engagement program. Getting started is easy: simply upload your employee list and pick a start date.

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Set it and forget it

From core surveys to quick check-ins, your entire engagement program is pre-built and pre-scheduled—providing you fresh data throughout the year.


Effortless analysis—actionable insights

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Engagement at a glance

Instantly see what engagement looks like across all core factors with an overall engagement score.

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Stay on top of trends

Regular surveys give you the data you need to see which areas of engagement are working over time—and which need improvement.

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Dive into the details

Easily identify and drill down into data outliers across your organization with custom filters like team, function, age, gender, and many more.

Employee portal

A personal space just for employees

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Personalized homepage

Employees have a home base of their own on the Engage platform, empowering them to learn, connect, and be a part of the improvement process.

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Feedback anytime

Maintain an open dialog with employees between surveys. The employee inbox provides a channel for honest, anonymous feedback.

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Share metrics

Visibility into high-level engagement metrics builds trust among employees, further aiding your engagement efforts.

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