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of shoppers have backed out of an online purchase because of a negative experience

of consumers are likely to share a poor experience with friends or family

of CX pros lack insights at the purchase stage of the customer journey

These statistics are from SurveyMonkey studies that were conducted among 1,000 US adults and over 600 CX industry professionals between April 24-26, 2023.

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Reduce support costs, customer frustration, and missed sales opportunities by evaluating the purchase experience. Uncover what customers expect in both online and offline channels with web embed, offline kiosk mode, and other response collectors.

Quickly visualize, filter, and compare your data with easy-to-use analysis features. Make better decisions on where and how to boost purchase satisfaction, from the in-store service experience to website usability.

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Share purchase satisfaction insights across teams like operations, marketing, and product to create real-time visibility. Get a centralized view of the customer experience by integrating SurveyMonkey with the tools you use every day—and empower teams to quickly act on insights.

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