Uncover what employees value so you can create benefits packages that attract and retain top talent.

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Man taking survey on phone, with a benefits survey in the background. The first question asks: Please rank the following healthcare benefits in order of importance to you.

Understand how your employees feel about your current workplace benefits, from healthcare plans to remote work stipends—and everything in between. Create a secure, confidential forum with advanced anonymity features to uncover honest feedback.

Make informed decisions by segmenting your insights across demographics and other custom variables—so you can design offerings that are as inclusive as possible. Pinpoint where to focus with easy-to-use analysis tools that help you filter and compare your results.

Chart with different responses for the statement "I am satisfied with my healthcare coverage," with a box reading Age: 26 and under
List of benefits with options to choose if they are most important or least important

Striking the right balance between desired benefits and your organization’s resources is tough work. When everything is important, use advanced question types or solutions like MaxDiff analysis to easily prioritize and maximize value.

Employee benefits survey template

Employee satisfaction survey template

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New hire onboarding survey template

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