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Belonging and inclusion survey with multiple-choice question: Do you believe that diverse perspectives are respected and considered in decision-making?

Building a culture that attracts and retains a talented, diverse workforce starts with asking questions. Expert-written questions and AI-powered guidance help you create your survey with confidence and capture honest feedback.

Measure DEI in pulse surveys, employee engagement surveys, and more to understand the experience across the employee lifecycle. Use advanced anonymity features to segment responses by custom data—like gender or department—while excluding personal information like employee name.

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Bar chart of results to the survey question How confident are you in the company's leadership to create an anti-racist workplace?

Spot opportunities and build a data-driven strategy to improve DEI at your organization. Easily create custom reports and dashboards to build visibility and inspire action. Analyze open-ended text to uncover the “why” behind your data faster.

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“What SurveyMonkey really helps us figure out is how different people feel included and what their experience in our organization looks like. Using pulse surveys, we're able to measure exactly how different groups experience their work and their roles here.”

Erin Dangerfield, Senior Vice President of People and Culture at Golden State Warriors

Belonging and inclusion survey

Gender in the workplace survey

Wage gap evaluation survey

Culture of Genius survey

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