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You can review a summary of our revised terms and policies below. While we've highlighted the changes that we think are the most relevant to our users, we recommend you review the full documents.  

Updates to Terms of Use ("TOU")

We have simplified and reorganized our TOU to make them easier to understand. In addition:

  • Our paid services, solutions, and subscription plans are built for, and intended for use by, entities and organizations for their business and professional purposes, and we treat such accounts as business-to-business customers. If you are a consumer making a purchase primarily for non-business purposes, such as those primarily outside of a trade, business, association, craft, or profession (i.e., personal, family, or household use), please log into your account and update your status on your account management page.
  • Each Subscription you purchase comes with a set response limit. If you exceed your Subscription’s response limit during a billing cycle, you will incur an additional charge per response.
  • For services provided by Momentive Inc., we have modified the personal jurisdiction and venue to federal and state courts located in San Francisco County, California.
  • We have corrected the notification timeline for a Security Incident to align with GDPR obligations. The GDPR is our global standard, but if timelines differ by jurisdiction, we will notify you in accordance with the requirements in that jurisdiction. We will always endeavor to notify you of a Security Incident as soon as we are able.
  • We have updated the definition of “Minors” to mean individuals under the age of 16 (or under a higher age as provided in certain countries and territories).

We have updated our privacy terms to reflect our updated definition of “Minors” as described above and changes to data protection legislation. For example:

  • We have added the UK GDPR to our definition of “Data Protection Legislation” in our Data Processing Agreement.
  • We have also added updated references to the European Union’s Standard Contractual Clauses and UK Addendum, so that both are readily available in case you need them.
  • We have combined our Subprocessor List with our EU Data Transfer Statement so that you have a comprehensive view of how your data is protected when you transfer it to Momentive and when we transfer it onwards to subprocessors.
  • We have also broken down the Subprocessor List by product and provided more information on what personal data is transferred and how we protect it.  

We have clarified what we expect of our users and what actions we may take in responding to violations of our Acceptable Uses Policy. 

Updates for purchasers of our SurveyMonkey Audience Surveys

For purchases of responses from our SurveyMonkey Audience panelists, we clarified that we do not issue refunds where you cannot collect your desired number of survey responses due to factors within your control as the survey creator. For example, see our Design Guidelines

Updates for our Rewards and Contribute Panelists 

If you take surveys as a Rewards or Contribute panelist, we have clarified that we are not required to issue Rewards Credits or make Contribute donations for poor quality responses. 

Updates for GetFeedback

For the limited personal data we process as a controller in the EU, the controller is our Irish entity, Momentive Europe UC. This does not alter how we handle any personal data, and Momentive remains predominantly a data processor with respect to the GetFeedback service. 

Other things to note:

  • Except as outlined above, all changes will go into effect on December 15, 2022 for any existing users who have accounts with us prior to October 10, 2022.
  • We also maintain archived versions of our key policies for your reference.