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LAST UPDATED: February 15, 2024

This page describes the types of cookies we use when you take a survey with us. For information about cookies in other SurveyMonkey services and sites, please see here.

Please note that clearing or disabling cookies might impact your ability to take the survey effectively. Enabling cookies ensures a smoother survey-taking experience. For any capitalized term not defined herein, please see our other Legal Center policies.

Required cookies are necessary for the Site to securely operate and for delivery of the Services you have requested. These cookies are limited to providing our Services, stability, and security. You will not have the ability to reject these required cookies in accordance with applicable data protection law. 

Functional cookies collect information about your choices and preferences. This allows us to present the Sites according to the settings you selected. These cookies also collect information about your use of the Sites and Services which enable us to test new features and improve functionality. For example, these cookies show us which are the most frequently visited pages on the Sites, help us record any difficulties you have with the Sites, and show us whether our advertising is effective or not at an aggregated level. In some cases these cookies allow us to see the overall patterns of usage on the Sites and Services, rather than the usage of a single person (except where that is part of the necessary function of the cookie). 

We never use advertising cookies on survey-taking pages. However if you have previously visited a SurveyMonkey Site and accepted advertising cookies on that site, these may appear in your browser settings while you are taking a survey.  

Once you leave a survey and land on our end-page, we may use cookies to market our services to you on third party websites or to measure and track the effectiveness of our marketing efforts so that we can tailor our advertising more effectively (For example: cookies set from domains corresponding to our marketing affiliates, like,, or

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If you are a SurveyMonkey customer and you separately use cookies or similar technologies on your site in conjunction with a SurveyMonkey product, you are independently responsible for management of the data collected through those cookies and for compliance with all laws related to usage of these technologies.

ep201Required1 hourSet by load balancer. User tracking for abuse and troubleshooting problems.
RP_XXXXXXXXRequired90 daysEnforces the one response per computer setting.
sso_userRequired90 daysDetermines if certain Enterprise respondents are authenticated if an account holder requires respondents to authenticate.
CX_XXXXXXXX and P_XXXXXXXXRequired1 yearUsed for pop-up surveys to track whether the survey was already taken to avoid re-showing the pop-up.
sm_irRequiredSessionUsed by the instant results page so a survey creator can display data.
_splunk_rum_sidRequired15 minutesThis is a site observability cookie that identifies/monitors site issues.
sm_recRequiredSession/14 daysStores unencrypted user data. Expiry time based on the "remember me" button on login.
RE_XXXXXXXX and REPID_XXXXXXXXRequiredSessionUsed to track the current page of the respondent in a multi-page survey. If the respondent leaves the survey, it enables the respondent to resume on the page they were last on.