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Who make the best Netflix binge buddies? 71% say it’s their pets

Who make the best Netflix binge buddies? 71% say it’s their pets

Some watch Netflix with friends, others with their partner—but most enjoy it with their pets.

According to a survey Netflix ran,—that collected more than 50,000 responses from Americans using SurveyMonkey Audience—84% of people stream Netflix with their cats or dogs by their side.

Why do people prefer to watch with their furry friends? We’ll tell you right meow.

It's not just that people watch with their pets, 71% of people said cats and dogs are the best companions for watching TV (better than say, other people). Here are their top reasons:

A talent for cuddling: Their fur gives them an unfair advantage, and their unconditional affection doesn’t hurt either.

Sharing the remote: They respect your streaming choices and can tell when you’ve had a long day.

No spoilers: Your pets will never give away the ending of your show. Who does that anyway? A lot of people might, actually. In a separate study, Netflix found nearly half of couples "cheat" by watching a show ahead of their significant other. This makes the dreaded spoiler all the more challenging to avoid.

So when the time comes to snuggle up with your pet and stream some Netflix, what exactly are you putting on?

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Answer: It depends on your pet.

People tend to watch more action-type shows with their dogs. Favorites include Narcos and Marvel’s Daredevil. When people are with their cats, things take a different turn. Owners put on sci-fi programs, like Black Mirror and Star Trek Discovery.

But some shows are so irresistible that you’d watch them with either a cat or a dog. These programs include Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, and House of Cards.

A great relationship only works if it’s a two-way street, and streaming shows with your pets isn’t an exception. Here are some things you can do to help your pet stay content.

  • Are they comfortable? 47% of pet owners are willing to move themselves to help their pets feel more cozy
  • Want to watch more? 17% of pet owners bribe their pets with treats in order to keep streaming
  • Has your pet had enough? 13% of pet owners ultimately turn off the program if their pets don’t like it

Watching Netflix with our pets is a match made in heaven. They let you have the remote, won’t spoil the show, and love to snuggle. When the worst thing we have to do is scoot to the side and make some room, it's easy to understand why we enjoy watching with them.

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