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5 key moments at SurveyMonkey during an unprecedented year

5 key moments at SurveyMonkey during an unprecedented year

Nobody could have predicted how tumultuous a year 2020 would be. Even the best laid plans were challenged as the world faced crisis after crisis. We’ve all had to adapt to changing circumstances while trying to go about business as usual, and SurveyMonkey was no exception. We’re proud of the hard work we’ve done this year to stick to established long-term goals while moving quickly to help organizations everywhere use feedback to address these crises.

The pandemic thrust many of us into situations we’ve never faced before and forced us to solve problems we’ve never had to think about. How can companies continue to operate while allowing their employees to socially distance? How can parents working remotely balance their work with managing remote child care? How can organizations support their employees as challenging new issues like these arise? 

At SurveyMonkey, we believe a curious attitude and willingness to collect and act on feedback is the first step, so we set up a series of free resources to help our customers do just that. We built a set of free survey templates tailored specifically to address the issues organizations are facing during the pandemic, along with survey resources and discounts. With these resources, companies who want to run their own feedback program to address the effects of the pandemic at their workplace have everything they need.

For those with more advanced needs, we developed premium solutions to help organizations do even more with feedback. Our Workforce Engagement solution keeps employees feeling supported and connected and gives you detailed reports, survey setup, and programming with the help of our survey experts. 

Our Symptom Tracking solution allows you to conduct health screens with a survey assessment template based on the CDC's Symptoms of Coronavirus list. That means you can screen employees anywhere in the United States, whether they’re working from home, onsite, or in the field via email, SMS messages, or any mobile device.

The murder of George Floyd was another turning point in 2020 that promoted people to reckon with systemic racism on all levels of society, including in the workplace. We believe that in order to take action to address inequality in the workplace, you first need to understand it—measure it. That’s why we developed survey resources specifically designed to help you get an understanding of how traditionally marginalized groups experience working at your company, with your company—or even interviewing there.

Companies like Intuit, Box, Slack, and Zoom have all joined SurveyMonkey’s pledge to use surveys to track the representation of the traditionally marginalized groups in the suppliers and vendors they do business with. What will you do?   

In 2019 SurveyMonkey made major investments in CX technology with the acquisition of Usabilla, a leading digital experience solution for gathering in-the-moment feedback, and GetFeedback, the top-rated feedback solution for Salesforce. Since then we’ve integrated these 2 technologies into a unified platform to allow you to quickly adapt to customer needs, listen to customer feedback (no matter where they are), and empower your teams to act on feedback. 

By introducing a CX platform that doesn’t require heavy professional services to implement—allowing you to get up and running in days rather than months—the GetFeedback platform will make CX technology more accessible to organizations everywhere

During a year of turbulence, customer interest in DIY market research has hit a new high. We upped our efforts early in 2020, and launched a new market research website and suite of solutions, which have helped our customers stay agile while navigating market changes. Our 7 new expert solutions help companies test their creative and product ideas quickly and easily by incorporating our expert methodologies to gain insights and deliver presentation-ready reports. 

While SurveyMonkey has invested a lot in new areas of focus and in responding to 2020’s crises, we haven’t stopped innovating on the core survey tool that we all know and love. We’ve added a Response Quality feature that uses machine learning to filter out questionable or poor quality responses, based on suspicious respondent behavior like straightlining, speeding, and other inconsistencies. 

As we focused on making sure you’re getting high-quality responses, we also developed new mediums for getting feedback from surveys. The new Click Map question type allows respondents to respond to questions by clicking in areas of an image in your survey. For example, you might show respondents an image of a food packaging design and ask them what part of the package draws the most attention. Instead of trying to describe which part they find compelling, your respondents can simply click the area of the image they’d like to highlight. 

These are just a few of the updates we’ve made, with many more planned for 2021!

2020 has been a year unlike any other. And while there have been numerous challenges to navigate, we’re proud of how our team has pivoted quickly to respond, while making good on long-term plans for the year. Like many people, we’re looking forward to the new year—not just because it’ll spell the end of a tough year but because the investments we’ve made in the future of our company are set to pay off. We can’t wait for you to see what happens next!