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Resources for advancing racial equity in your workforce


Send this survey to your organization’s vendors and partners to uncover whether the organizations you work with have diverse teams, leadership, and vendors of their own. With the insights you gain, you can prioritize partnerships that align with your organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion values.


We do not live in an equitable society. Black people and brown people in the United States face discrimination and racism in many parts of society—including the workplace.

Until recently, race was a topic that was considered too political, too sensitive, too personal for Corporate America. But we aren’t color blind. And the playing field isn’t fair—in our schools, on the streets, at our offices. The conversation about race is happening everywhere. We need to take prescriptive actions to ensure we create a more just society for everyone. Black lives matter.

At SurveyMonkey, we’re committed to developing a long-term strategy for furthering racial justice at our organization and in our broader business community. We are on a path to become decidedly anti-racist. Businesses can be powerful change agents because we have employees, products, platforms, and resources to make it happen. Companies on the right side of history will thrive because their employees and customers will applaud their actions. It starts with listening. 

This page provides free survey templates so that leaders and HR teams can learn about their employees and start treating diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) like a tangible business metric. It also contains discounts for nonprofits that are fighting for equality and other resources to help you build a better company in your community. 

We all need to begin holding ourselves to a higher standard. Sending these surveys to SurveyMonkey’s employees was the starting point for some of our own policies. We hope they can be a blueprint for you to listen better, learn more, and drive positive change in your own organization.


Zander Lurie, CEO SurveyMonkey

As the public confronts racial inequity in the country as a whole, companies need to do the same. But where should you start? The saying goes that you can’t improve something if you don’t measure it. 

If you want to know how your employees, customers, and business partners are coping in this moment—or whether they feel like you’re building a diverse, equitable business and workplace—then ask them. If you want to know if the organizations you’re doing business with are holding themselves to a high enough standard when it comes to racial equity, you can start by asking them, too.


of people approve of business leaders speaking out on social or political issues


of people think that white people have societal advantages that Black people don’t have

Source: SurveyMonkey studies from 2020 sampling more than 12,000 cumulative respondents, weighted to match U.S. demographics.

These templates are specifically designed to help you gather the information you need to create meaningful policies that address racial inequity in your workforce.

Woman typing at desk

Created with The Justice Collective, this survey gives employees an opportunity to share how they’ve been affected by racism, what concerns they have, and whether they feel comfortable bringing up issues related to race at your organization.

Three women talking

Are you teaming up with vendors who share your values? Use this survey, created in partnership with The Justice Collective, to uncover whether your existing and potential professional services firms and other business partners are investing in DEI.

Team using post it notes

Establishing a sense of belonging for all employees is a critical part of building a diverse workforce. This survey was designed with Paradigm to give you direct, actionable insights about your culture.

How do candidates feel about your company and team during the job application process? Ensure you’re providing an equitable candidate experience by learning how people of different backgrounds experience interviewing at your company.

People talking in a group at a table

Tracking diversity gives you the data you need to make strategic decisions and support underrepresented groups in your current workplace.

Woman typing at her computer

Is your organization treating candidates of color fairly? Send this survey to each interviewee to find out how you can improve their experiences going forward.

Game pieces on top of coins

This survey gives you a snapshot into how content employees are with their wages, and highlights any differences between various demographics.

Paper airplanes with one that is yellow

Exit interview surveys can give you candid feedback from exiting employees and provide more insight into their experiences at your company.

Two woman talking

We partnered with LeanIn.Org on a survey specifically designed to uncover the experience of female-identifying employees in your workplace.

A group or workers talking

Studies show “Cultures of Genius” disproportionally affect underrepresented minorities. Find out what type of culture you have and how to improve it.

It’s time for companies to start putting their money where their mouth is. If an organization we do business with isn’t making the values we believe in a priority, we will do business elsewhere.

Use our vendor diversity survey template to understand whether the companies you do business with are making DEI a priority.

We have never allowed use of our products and services to support or promote hate, intolerance, and bigotry. We’re reaffirming our commitment not to do business with those that stand against SurveyMonkey’s values as a company.

We don’t pretend to have this all figured out. Like most companies, we’ve got a long way to go, but we pledge to identify measurable, time-driven goals to make SurveyMonkey more diverse, equitable, and inclusive at all levels of the organization. See some of our progress here.

We’re offering discounts to nonprofits that want to use the power of feedback to fight racial inequity. We’re also adding more racial justice nonprofits to our Contribute network, so you can financially support them simply by taking surveys.

Stand for equality script

Nonprofits and charities dedicated to fighting for social justice are eligible for a 25% discount on SurveyMonkey plans. Follow these steps to access your discount:

Go to the Plans and Pricing page and sign up for a free plan. You'll need to enter a SurveyMonkey username to complete the application process.

Go to plans and pricing

Review the nonprofit discount application to see if you're eligible. Discount details and requirements are outlined in the application.

Go to application

Submit the discount application. Make sure to wait to upgrade your account until you hear back about your application since discounts are only available to customers with free plans.

We’ve added several organizations dedicated to social justice to our Contribute network, which means you can support those fighting for racial equity simply by taking surveys. When you sign up for Contribute, we donate 50 cents to the nonprofit of your choice every time you take a survey. To date, survey takers have helped donate $15 million to their favorite nonprofits. Here’s a short list of some of the nonprofits you can support:

The bail project logo

Take a short survey and we’ll donate 50 cents to the nonprofit of your choice, including The Bail Project, Fresh Lifelines for Youth, and Driving Force.

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