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Recruited from SurveyMonkey

We recruit our U.S panelists from the diverse population of 30+ million people who complete SurveyMonkey surveys every month. After signing up, our panelists complete a detailed profile survey.

Rewarded with charitable donations

For every survey completed, we reward our U.S. members with charitable donations and sweepstakes entries.

Trustworthy opinions

We provide high-quality responses with a disciplined approach to recruitment, incentives, and engagement by:

  1. 1. Limiting the number of surveys members can take each week, ensuring no one is over participating.
  2. 2. Using non-cash incentives, discouraging panelists from rushing through surveys just for the reward.
  3. 3. Running regular benchmarking surveys, ensuring our panelists are representative of the U.S. population.

Panelists from around the world

We work with trusted partners to provide access to panelists outside of the United States. These partners allow our customers to reach, survey, and receive feedback from a global audience. The respondents who take the surveys are sourced from around the world and have indicated they wish to take surveys and participate in our partner’s programs.

These respondents are vetted by our partner’s programs to ensure respondent quality and activity reaches a satisfactory level. If these respondents drop below this level, they can be removed from the program. These checks ensure that only quality respondents are taking surveys.

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Choose from 30+ attributes for targeted insights

Our most popular targeting criteria

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Household income
  • Education
  • Location
  • Race
  • Living arrangements
  • Marital status
  • Parental status
  • Exercise habits
  • Political affiliation
  • Voter status
  • Employment status
  • Student status
  • Small business owner
  • Industry
  • Job function
  • Mobile phones
  • Devices owned
  • Internet usage

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