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Reach millions of qualified people around the world, profiled by demographic attributes.
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Verify gut instincts. Test creative concepts. Always have market research insights that drive business forward.
Test new concepts
Find out if your idea’s a winner before investing a lot of time and money. Quickly A/B test and refine creative assets, messaging, and new product ideas.
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Measure brand performance
Measure brand performance
How recognizable is your brand? Are you trusted? Highly recommended? Assess and track your position in the market, from consumer awareness to brand reputation.
Perform market segmentation
Get crucial demographic information about your target market locally—and globally. Understand purchase behavior, attitudes, and values to hone your business strategy.
Market Segmentation
"SurveyMonkey Audience has allowed us to provide quick and cost effective research options for our clients who are not able to spend the time or money for a $50,000+ project that takes 8 weeks."
Dawn Lester
Chief Brand Strategist, Agency212