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SurveyMonkey welcomes leading Voice of Customer solution, Usabilla

SurveyMonkey welcomes leading Voice of Customer solution, Usabilla

It should be no surprise that at SurveyMonkey we consider high-quality feedback the lifeblood of success. And with “listen to customers” among our core organizational values, we share a lot of goals with Usabilla, a global Voice of Customer solution headquartered in Amsterdam.

With that in mind, we’re thrilled to announce that SurveyMonkey has acquired Usabilla and welcomes its teams from all over the world to join our ever-expanding organization.

The Usabilla platform, which enables customers to give real-time feedback on everything from product UI to mobile website experience, is a perfect complement to SurveyMonkey’s suite of customer-focused People Powered Data solutions.

By collecting both qualitative and quantitative data about different users, Usabilla paints a picture of their journeys and impressions across websites, mobile apps, and other digital experiences—information that ultimately helps transform prospects into customers and continues to keep current customers happy.

With these capabilities, Usabilla aligns neatly with the value that SurveyMonkey delivers to all of our users—insights about people’s beliefs, opinions, and preferences that empower organizations to make important choices and take decisive action. Usabilla adds crucial richness and context, so that companies can build rapport with prospects and customers on digital platforms.

As our president, Tom Hale puts it, “There is a massive need for digital businesses to implement user feedback tools. Our research shows that three quarters of users have left a website and more than half have abandoned an online purchase because of a bug or poor user experience. Usabilla excels in this category, which is why SurveyMonkey seized on the opportunity to bring their solution to our customer base. We are excited to work lock-in-step with the Usabilla team to add value to our customers.”

Usabilla is also an ideal counterpart to our Customer Powered Data solutions, SurveyMonkey CX  and TechValidate. Currently, these solutions support a comprehensive, end-to-end customer feedback cycle. (SurveyMonkey CX is a turn-key NPS® solution that helps teams collect and analyze customer feedback, and TechValidate is a platform for quickly creating customer testimonials and proof points.) Adding Usabilla rounds out our offering to help our customers improve their digital experiences.

According to Faith Adams, a senior Forrester analyst who recently included Usabilla as a VoC specialist in their 2018 Now Tech report, “To achieve best-in-class customer experience, it requires firms to extend their efforts beyond a specific channel or line of business. When we look at our data, the payoff is there: good customer experience can help grow revenue faster, lead to customer retention, a reduction in cost to serve customers, and more.”

With over 450 customers in 35 countries and five global offices, the Usabilla platform has a powerful international presence. It also processes more than 100k interactions daily! Add that to SurveyMonkey’s 17.5 million active users and 20 million questions answered every day, and you’ve got a lot of feedback happening!

As SurveyMonkey focuses on growing our family of users internationally, we’re paying a lot of attention to what different audiences are looking for. With the addition of Usabilla’s customers and resources, we are taking an exciting step toward a more global SurveyMonkey.

Usabilla is no stranger to the type of enterprise-grade support that SurveyMonkey uses to power 95% of the Fortune 500 here in the U.S.—the platform already supports multinational corporate customers like Lufthansa, Philips, and Vodafone.

SurveyMonkey already has a strong global footprint, with 36% of revenue coming from outside the U.S., but Usabilla’s experience in the European market deepens that global outlook. Per SurveyMonkey’s CEO, Zander Lurie:

“Usabilla’s outstanding user experience solution for capturing real-time digital feedback enhances our enterprise offerings and expands our international footprint. Every brand needs to offer a compelling digital experience to win and retain customers—the acquisition strengthens our position in this rapidly growing multi-billion-dollar market. I’m thrilled to welcome the Usabilla team to SurveyMonkey for this exciting new chapter together.”

As we march further into 2019, we’re excited to help more companies build healthy conversations with their customers both here and abroad.