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21 thoughts on “Enhanced Headers and Footers

  1. Dominique says:

    Since the site is renewed I cannot put questions in languages like:
    – Spanish
    – French
    – Swedisch

    I did translated them, but when I put them esspecially as a question in surveymonkey it switches to a sentence with strange numbers and starts looking like this: %$^#$
    This only happens if the Swedisch or Spanish sentence has in the normal shape signs or accents on it!

    I was planning to send out the questionnaire today but because if the issue my whole questionnaire changes into a disaster!!

    Please contact me as soon as possible.

    Thanks in advance.

    Regards, Dominique

    1. Bennett P says:

      Hi Dominique – Wanted to get back to you. The most recent site upgrade caused customer’s language settings to get scrambled. We apologize for the trouble. You can fix this by going to the footer of our page and select Language – click on ENGLISH. If the site flips to another language again, try doing the following:

      1. Please clear the cookies and cache from your browser. You can delete cookies in the browser by clicking on the ‘Tools’ link at the top of the browser. Go to the bottom of the drop-down menu and select ‘Internet Options’ or ‘Options’. This should bring you to a window that will allow you to clear/delete cookies or temporary Internet files.

      Then, clear the cache memory from you browser. Here’s how to clear the cache for Microsoft® Internet Explorer:
      1. Click Start, select Settings and Control Panel.
      2. Double-click Internet Options to open Internet Properties
      3. Click Delete Files
      4. Click OK on the Delete Files dialog box.
      5. Click OK.

      The above steps will also work for a variety of browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. Also, clearing your cache can significantly improve the speed and performance of your browser.

      2. Close all of your open browser windows.
      Open a new window and login to SurveyMonkey.

      3. Select your LANGUAGE on the bottom of the page. This will force your computer to reload all of the site data instead of drawing upon old files that may have been saved in its memory.

      In some cases, this may not work and we may have to manually clear the cache from OUR side. So, if after you follow the steps above, you don’t get the site to appear in the right language, email immediately and we’ll address your query promptly.

      We’re all very sorry for the confusion and frustration this may have caused. Thanks for bearing with us as we get things back to normal. We’re working on the issue as we speak. It should be resolved soon.

  2. Susan Hyatt says:

    I setup the surveys and make the links….the links are then copied and pasted to an email so our professor can send out the student course evaluation to the list of their own students at a time when they choose. I do not see a way to do this any longer. Please help.

    1. Bennett P says:

      Hi Susan,
      This should still be possible by using a Web Link collector, which would provide a URL to copy in an email.
      What exactly is causing you trouble? Please contact us at with as much information as possible so we can help you.

  3. Donna Finn says:

    I do not want to use our web site to distribute this survey. I sent it to myself to test it and I’m unable to fill it out.

    This is my first time using SurveyMonkey. Can you tell me what I might be doing wrong.

    1. Bennett P says:

      Donna – I’m not sure what’s going on and I’m sorry you’re having trouble. Email right away and they will help you asap.

  4. Heledd says:

    Is it possible to increase the size and boldness of the font within a survey for the visually impaired?

    Thank you


    1. Bennett P says:

      Helen – You can change fonts and sizes in your survey. Here’s more information:

      Also, here are some design tips for making your survey more accessible:

      Good luck!

  5. linda felli says:

    I am having difficulty downloading a survey. The box that requests your e-mail address to send the survey is covered with writing and it doesn’t allow you to enter into it.

    Can you please advise of that I need to do.



    1. Bennett P says:

      Linda –

      Hm. Not sure exactly what is going on. What browser and operating system are you on? Can you let us know and send a screenshot to us at Thanks.

      In the meantime, try clicking the ‘request download’ button without putting in an email address. This will take you to the Download History page (you can also reach this page from the button at the top right when you click on Download Responses from the analyze pages) and you can download the file from there once it’s ready.

  6. I had a survey from last year that I edited and wanted to send to users however, it’s showing the survey is closed. I entered a collection date to Dec 31, 2011 and it still says the survey is closed. Any clue? I have a basic account. Thanks in advance for your help.

    1. Bennett P says:

      Pattye –

      Sorry for the inconvenience. The best way to trouble shoot is for you to contact Give them your user info and survey name/id, if possible.

  7. thisis my 1st time using SurveyMonkey. I love it. I will return for my professional interests.

  8. Leginkhan says:


    I recently created a trial version for a voting poll for my department in respect to an award recognition. I chose weblink and sent that link out to the staff involved which is about 22 people to be exact. I have noticed only 10 people have voted. My question is was it possible for all 22 people to vote on a survey created from my trial account? Will a weblink created from a trial account support votes from that number of people?I need to find out as soon as possible because I more then 10 people voted and it doesn’t show up what do I do to get see their votes. If the weblink cas support all 22 people then I shouldn’t have to worry. Can you confirm this?

    1. Bennett P says:

      Leginkhan –

      Yes, having a basic account doesn’t limit you in terms of collection. You can receive as many responses as you want however the limit will be that you can only see up to 100 responses unless you upgrade.
      However if respondents have confirmed that the survey was submitted but you are not seeing the response in the Analyze section, please consider the following:

      1. Consider the link that has been sent to your audience. Verify that it is an actual collector link and you have not provided a link to the survey in the preview mode.
      2. Consider the survey design elements.
      3. Consider the respondents’ actions when taking the survey, and test the link on your end.

      For complete information, please visit:

      Have a nice day and week.

      1. Natalia says:

        I am happy to be here!

  9. wendy mason says:

    I am having difficulty downloading the survey below . The box that requests your e-mail address to send the survey is covered with writing and it doesn’t allow you to enter into it. also at the bottom of the page your download sign is covered by advertising signs.

    Can you please advise of that I need to do.


    Choose Type of Download
    Summary Report
    Download a summary report of your survey that you can save or print.
    Include open-ended responses
    All Responses Collected
    Download the entire response set of your survey, for importing into a spreadsheet or database.
    Choose Format
    Spreadsheet Format
    The data is formatted to open with spreadsheet software. Choose the options below to change how the spreadsheet columns are exported. Please note that if the exported data cannot fit in 256 columns, it will be split into multiple files.
    Columns: Condensed Expanded
    Choose whether question choices are condensed or expanded to fit one or multiple columns.
    Cells: Actual Choice Text Numerical Value (1-n)
    Choose what data appears in the spreadsheet.

    Advanced Spreadsheet Format
    The data is formatted to open with spreadsheet software, however the columns and responses are organized to better suit advanced statistical and analytics packages. Please note that if the exported data cannot fit in 256 columns, it will be split into multiple files.
    SPSS Format
    The data is formatted to open with SPSS analytical software.
    GOLD FEATURE: You can download your results in a native SPSS file format. SPSS is a statistical analysis program, and your data is formatted to match its structure. To download in SPSS format, upgrade to a GOLD or PLATINUM plan.
    Upgrade »
    Relational Database Format
    A relational database view of your data with a separate file created for each database table. Knowledge of SQL (Structured Query Language) is necessary.
    Choose Format
    Excel Format
    The text responses are formatted to open with spreadsheet software.
    HTML Format
    The text responses are formatted in HTML, with one file per question, and can be easily printed or posted on your own webpage.
    PDF Format
    The text responses are formatted as a PDF file, with one file per question, and can be easily printed or shared with others.
    Plain Text Format
    The text responses are in plain text, with one file per question.
    Choose Format
    CSV Format
    The summary is formatted as a comma separated values file.
    Excel Format
    The summary is formatted to open with spreadsheet software.
    XML Format
    The summary is formatted as an XML file.
    HTML Format
    The summary is formatted in HTML, and can be easily posted on a website.
    PDF Format
    The summary is formatted as a PDF, and can be easily printed.
    Orientation: Portrait (Vertical) Landscape (Horizontal)
    Paper Size: Letter (8.5″ x 11″) Legal (8.5″ x 14″) A4 (210mm x 297mm)

    Send Results to this Email Address
    Email address:
    Enter an email address where a link to your download will be sent.

    Request Download »

    1. Bennett P says:

      Wendy – Please accept our apologies, due to a recent release the layout of the download page is not being properly displayed by your browser. Please clear your cache, update your IE release, or work with a different browser (i.e. Firefox or Chrome which are free) to properly see the page while our developers are working to fix the glitch. Contact us at if you still have issues after trying these steps.

      Thank you for your patience.

  10. monawer says:

    i requested again another preperation thank u very much

  11. I have requested you STOP my billing. NO MORE.
    Someone please call me.


    1. MychalH says:

      Judy – Sorry for the frustration.

      Please send us an email to and we will be happy to assist.

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