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Fortune|SurveyMonkey poll: Latina equal pay day

Fortune|SurveyMonkey poll: Latina equal pay day

Overall, Americans divide down the middle on whether there are still significant barriers facing women and racial and ethnic minorities today. We can’t fix what we don’t all acknowledge. 

There’s no confusion among Hispanic women:

With 66 percent who see big, gender-biased gaps in pay in business today, and a similar 65 percent who see racially-based obstacles to being on equal financial footing.  Latinas earn barely more than 50 cents on the dollar compared with white men, but nearly one in four Hispanic women (23%) say they’ve quit their job because of sexual harassment they’ve experience at their workplace. Only three percent of white men have quit for the same reason.

Read more about this survey and this topic from actress and activist, Eva Longoria, here.

Question text:
Which statement do you think is true in the U.S.? For doing similar jobs, on average…
In general, who do you think has more opportunities for promotion to top positions in the workplace?
Have you ever quit a job because of sexual harassment you experienced at your workplace?