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5 ways to transform data into insights with Zoho + SurveyMonkey

5 ways to transform data into insights with Zoho + SurveyMonkey

To celebrate the launch of the SurveyMonkey Technology Ecosystem Program (STEP), we’re highlighting one company that we’ve partnered with—in one way or another—every day in August. Check out all our integrations partners here.

Zoho is a popular software platform with 45+ SaaS solutions that includes everything—from marketing tools to attract leads to powerful CRM and sales tools for customer acquisition and management. Your company may even already use a Zoho product. Whether or not you’re already using Zoho, combining its solutions with SurveyMonkey can make your work life a whole lot easier.

When you sync SurveyMonkey with Zoho, you turn survey data into actionable insights that your team can access at any time. SurveyMonkey has 3 separate integrations: Zoho Campaigns, Zoho CRM, and Zoho Analytics. Whether you’re focused on market research, customer experience, or demand generation, SurveyMonkey + Zoho can help you harness insights across your organization and evolve from being just data-driven to insights-driven.

  1. Do market research to understand the audience you’re most curious about.

Market research can help you make quicker, more confident business decisions. By keeping research in-house, your business can make better calls and change directions more quickly in uncertain markets (or uncertain times).

Market research surveys are the easiest way to get data about consumer behavior and preferences and to test products, ideas, and initiatives with your target audience.

By combining SurveyMonkey and Zoho Campaigns, you can always get your surveys in front of the right audience. This integration helps you target the right audience of your mailing lists with relevant surveys, also letting you curate the responses for further insights. Choose from a number of pre-selected survey templates and use them to get seamless market insights as regularly as you like. Learn more.

In marketing? You can also use surveys to add depth to your contact list in Zoho CRM. The more you know about your prospective customers, the more your sales team will be able to map your solutions to those people’s specific needs.

Alternatively (or additionally), use surveys to collect information from potential customers and to fit them into buyer personas–profiles of fictional buyers who embody the demographics, pain points, buying behaviors, and motivations of each market segment. Buyer personas help you see and connect with your leads as real people, rather than sets of abstract data.

Because buyer personas reveal the most effective ways to position your product for different segments of your market, they can help you personalize your brand messages to speak to all kinds of leads.

By developing your leads more fully, you’ll discover which ones you should focus your marketing and sales resources on to yield the highest lifetime value. 

Survey research helps you see the big picture, but it can shine a light on the experiences of individual customers too. These personal insights can be just as valuable, especially when it comes to customer service. By tracking the changing sentiment of the customers in your database, you can increase retention and boost lifetime value one person at a time. You also get a clearer picture of what works and what doesn’t when you’re making customer service decisions.

When you link a survey with Zoho CRM, your responses automatically populate to the appropriate contacts. Zoho will even notify you every time a contact completes a survey. How's this useful? Say you're running a customer satisfaction survey, the automatic mapping of survey responses to the right contacts will help you follow up on any negative feedback right away. Similarly, if you're running a presale survey for your prospects, the responses can help you qualify prospects and even personalize the sales pitch to better engage with the prospects and win deals faster. Link your surveys now.

By connecting survey responses and customer contacts, you can provide personalized customer service that takes into account the unique experience of each of your contacts.

Customer service and product launches go so much smoother when you understand the customer journey, but only one in three businesses adequately track customer experience. Stand out from the crowd by making customer sentiment a priority at your business, and by taking the time to identify “moments of truth” that change the course of your customer journey.

A customer satisfaction survey helps your business keep a finger on the pulse of your customers at all times. It can help you quickly amplify successful products, ideas, and initiatives and save resources (and face!) by pulling the plug on those that fall flat with your customers.

You don’t need to dedicate a huge amount of time to customer research to get useful insights on customer sentiment. By integrating a customer satisfaction survey into Zoho CRM, you can survey customers without even leaving your customer relationship management platform.

Even the most innovative businesses have trouble building successful products and services without customer feedback. Whether you’re testing a product concept or improving an existing product, a product feedback survey can help you find the ideas that resonate with your market.

Zoho Analytics helps you quickly sift through product feedback to extract useful insights. This integration lifts critical information to the top of large data sets in the form of powerful reports and dashboards, which simplifies the product research process. You can even blend your survey data with data from any other source for cross-functional analysis. It’s also easy to share findings this way with your team on Zoho. Learn more.

Combining SurveyMonkey with the Zoho solution of your choice is quick, easy, and immediately effective.