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Are you a public relations manager, constantly looking for ways to bring more visibility to your company? Even when there isn’t a new feature or newsworthy event, you can still promote your brand. The insights you glean from feedback can help make any company topic credible and newsworthy. The resources in this toolkit will show you how.

How can we create news when there isn't anything notable to report?

A big part of a public relations manager’s job is to enhance brand awareness. Coming up with newsworthy content—when there’s nothing new to share—can be daunting.

Gathering feedback can help you get insights and data points worth promoting. For example, if you work for a large organization, perhaps high satisfaction scores from employees is worth sharing with the media. Or, you can compile customer testimonials and success stories to share with investors.

Never be at a loss for words again. Research can add credibility to all of your PR messaging.

How do we effectively communicate during a PR crisis?

When you have a brand crisis, it’s essential to respond swiftly and appropriately so your brand emerges unscathed.

While time is of the essence, it’s important to ensure that your response is the right one. Use feedback to help build your crisis communication strategy. For example, pulse surveys can help you gauge how your brand is being portrayed by customers or the media.

Surveys can help you through conflict resolution by offering you ways to measure anything from customer sentiment to brand loyalty and awareness.

Our sample survey templates make it easy for you to start collecting feedback in just minutes. Explore hundreds of questions across different survey types, all designed to get you accurate results you can rely on.

Discover how consumers feel about your brand to customize your PR message.

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Measure and share your brand’s performance with data-based communication.

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Test your message before you disseminate it to the public.

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Keep an eye on direct competitors and their brand reputations.

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Find out if customers understand your brand’s new product category.

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Learn about consumer preferences, habits, and purchase behaviors.

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SurveyMonkey is not only easy to use, it’s the world’s leading survey platform and powerful enough to help you measure what matters.

Features to help you accomplish goals

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Your business is constantly changing. Our features can help you pivot when you need to.

Integrations that make work easier

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Integrate your survey data with the apps you use every day.

Or, find new ways to reach investors, the media, customers, and more.

Reach a global audience in just minutes

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Go beyond surveying to accessing a representative sample of your market.

Here’s how SurveyMonkey can Target exactly who you need to reach and get results in minutes with SurveyMonkey Audience.

  • Global reach - access 175M+ people in 130+ countries with 60 languages
  • Granular targeting - use our 200+ profiled targeting criteria or write your own custom screening questions
  • Quality data - bot and fraud detection ensure you receive data you can trust

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Here are some common mistakes and best practices on how to avoid them.

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Avoid these common mistakes to ensure effective PR communications:

It might be a slow time for news, but putting together a mishmash of ideas is not a good strategy.

To be relevant, your research needs to be statistically significant, so be sure you survey a greater pool of respondents.

Don’t just base brand health by what you’re seeing on social media, as it may only include a small subset of the people that matter to your business.

Be sure to use a variety of different methods to gather feedback on your company. That could include social listening, surveying customers via email, and even reaching employees via internal messaging channels.

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PR managers offer this advice for promoting your company:

You have a plan in place, but how are your customers responding to the crisis? Do a quick survey to find out their concerns before addressing the issue.

If you work in a PR agency, you can use surveys to gain insights about what will be most helpful to them: brand health, brand awareness, customer sentiment, media coverage, and more.

Tap into public perception before you do a big PR promotion. For example, you can use surveys to concept test ads, messaging, logos, even ideas.

Partner with a journalist or trade publication to share industry data. You’ll get the exposure and build rapport.

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Ultimate Guides

Get compelling data for content marketing with original research.

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Success Stories

How Brex uses research to add proof to their value proposition.

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Find out what trends are affecting your customers or your team.

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