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Four stats that explain why marketers love TechValidate

TechValidate by SurveyMonkey is a software solution that helps organizations collect and transform customer feedback into compelling 3rd-party validated case studies, testimonials, stats, and more. These customer proof points help marketers and sales reps meet their goals—from boosting website conversions to winning against the competition.

What do TechValidate customers say about us? Here are the takeaways from a recent study* we ran:


TechValidate has changed my approach to marketing, and I've been in the field for more than 20 years!

Janet O'Malley
Product Marketing Manager, Quest

Learn all the ways your organization can benefit from having voice of the customer content.

Source: Survey of 127 TechValidate customers who work in marketing-specific roles. Study was conducted from April, 2019, through June, 2019.