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Learn how Kajabi uses market research to improve its products, boost customer satisfaction, and make better decisions.


Irvine, CA


Software development

Market research

Since 2010, Kajabi has helped digital creators package their knowledge into profitable online courses, coaching programs, podcasts, and more. But in order to evolve its product offerings and strategies, Kajabi needed early signals about market trends and customer needs in the direct-to-consumer (D2C) space. SurveyMonkey market research solutions made it easy to uncover those insights and make the right moves.   

Kajabi didn’t have dedicated internal market research capabilities and, according to Senior Product Marketing Manager Caitlin Roberts, that was becoming a problem. There was a growing demand for insights across the company, and it was clear Kajabi needed in-depth data on the competitive landscape and target market needs. With high stakes and no time to waste, Kajabi turned to SurveyMonkey for help with its two primary goals: arm teams with high-quality insights to drive better decision-making and strengthen the company’s standing as a leader in the D2C economy. 


Caitlin Roberts
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Kajabi immediately launched a series of SurveyMonkey market research studies to better understand its target audience of digital creators. A Usage & Attitudes study revealed customer purchase drivers and motivations that Kajabi used to create specific user personas to drive brand and marketing growth. 

Today, Kajabi relies on SurveyMonkey to spot shifting trends, understand market challenges, and even test compelling messaging around its value. “There’s something powerful about having a great set of data you can use to defend or disprove your marketing assumptions, which ultimately creates a compelling narrative, deeper brand connection, and more conversions,” said Roberts.


Caitlin Roberts
Senior Product Marketing Manager

With SurveyMonkey, Kajabi has expanded its customer segments and identified new ones, evolved its product offerings, and increased customer satisfaction and conversion—while lowering attrition rates. Plus, there’s now expanded trust from the entire organization around the value of research, as well as enthusiastic buy-in from leadership.

Ultimately, SurveyMonkey has helped Kajabi go to market with confidence and make better, faster decisions. By understanding its market, its target audience, and the competition, the company can navigate change and build strategies that address its customers’ most current needs.

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