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Automated phone surveys made easy

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In automated phone surveys, a recorded voice poses questions to respondents, who reply using their phone keypads. Combine a friendly voice and any one of our great survey templates with automated phone surveying, and you’ve got a powerful, accessible way to engage audiences of all ages and demographics.

How to Use Automated Phone Surveys

SurveyMonkey Precision Polling lets you design, record, and run automated phone surveys quickly and easily. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Design your survey on the web using SurveyMonkey Precision Polling.
  2. Record questions in your own — or somebody else’s — voice.
  3. Upload your respondent phone list or select a dial-in phone number to share with your target audience.
  4. Get results in real time.

That’s it! To learn more, see a demo or get started, click here.

At just a few cents per call, with no setup fees, SurveyMonkey automatic phone surveying lets you dramatically reduce your polling costs. It’s flexible too, supporting branching, rotation, voice capture, call routing, and more. And it’s simple. You can set up and deliver an automated survey and get results in a few short hours.

Types of Surveys You Can Distribute by Phone

We make it easy to create and deliver many survey types with SurveyMonkey. These are a few popular types of automated phone surveys:

  • Government and Public Administration. Survey citizens for feedback about government services and opinions on community issues and priorities, and to raise public awareness about civic forums and activities.
  • Political Research. Run tracking polls, horse race polls, message testing surveys, and quick polls on hot-button issues for political campaigns and consulting.
  • Conference Feedback. Provide a dial-in number, and ask attendees to call in to give their feedback after a conference session. Make participation open to all, and eliminate paper forms and manual tabulation.
  • Education Feedback. Call parents for quick feedback on teacher performance. Use phone polls to run quizzes in class and get results in real time.
  • Employee Engagement. Survey employees across your organization for ideas to improve services, increase engagement, and improve retention.
  • Volunteer Organization. Run polls to mobilize volunteers, collect RSVPs for events, and to gather data from the field.

Ideas for Getting Started

When it comes time to write your phone survey, a SurveyMonkey template – written by professional survey methodologists – can make it easy to use effective survey questions. Try these templates if you want help writing unbiased questions that will get more accurate results:

  • Registered to Vote? Find out if your citizenry is registered to vote, and use this data to organize convenient neighborhood-based voter registration days.
  • Demographics. Use a series of surveys to determine the demographics of the people your government represents, including long and short demographics surveys, Education Demographics, Military Service and Government Support surveys. Use respondents’ feedback to better understand which programs and investments will best serve them over both the short and long term.
  • General Event Feedback. Did your organization recently host a fundraiser? Was it successful – and would attendees enjoy more events like it? Get feedback about fundraisers, or modify this survey for other events.
  • Environmental Issues. As extreme weather regularly makes the front-page news, concern about environmental issues is top of mind for many. Survey your community to get their thoughts about environmental issues and to open a channel for collectively solving for them.
  • Customer Satisfaction. How do your customers and clients feel about your products, services, and customer service experiences? Reach them through automated phone surveys to ask for their feedback.
  • Website Feedback. Assess the effectiveness of your Website and discover whether visitors are finding what they’re looking for.
  • Mobile or Cell Phone and App Use. Learn more about your target audience’s mobile phone and app use. If they use the Internet or Web applications, do they use them on mobile or cell phones? Are your audiences big smart phone users, and frequent consumers of new applications? How often do they use their phones to access their online social networks? Are they inclined to buy apps often, and if so, what kind of apps? Use this feedback to decide if your organization should develop and offer a mobile app too.

If you find a template that interests you, keep a copy of it handy when you write your survey questions on PrecisionPolling.

3 Quick Tips to Improve Survey Response Rates

Here are some ideas for ensuring that respondents will complete your automated phone surveys.

  1. Be quick. If your questionnaire is short and sweet, there’s a greater chance that more respondents will be willing to stay on the phone long enough to finish it.
  2. Offer incentives. Little incentives like a small discount or an entry into a drawing can help ensure that respondents complete your survey.
  3. Make it fun. Be friendly, and show some personality. Create surveys and polls that are fun, while providing you with useful feedback.

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