SurveyMonkey Captures America’s Opinion of the Fortune 500 Companies

Amazon Is a Clear Favorite In Many Categories and Across Respondent Groups

SAN MATEO, Calif. July 26, 2017 – This week, SurveyMonkey, the leading People Powered Data platform, in collaboration with Fortune, released US-consumer rankings of Fortune 500 companies. The dimensions included measures such as positive and negative impact, employer appeal, millennials’ excitement, willingness to change in pursuit of success, and care about customers. Technology companies are top-of-mind across all groups of respondents. Amazon leads the pack dominating categories like innovation (willingness to change in pursuit of success) and scores universal appeal across various respondent groups and people with polarized political views.

Everyone wants to work for tech companies—and Disney

The data breakdown revealed that both men and women, as well as millennial and non-millennial respondents (35+), would be most excited to work for tech companies. Microsoft, Alphabet (Google), Apple, Intel, and Amazon consistently appear in the top 10 across all groups of respondents. For example, women listed four tech companies in their top five most attractive employers, with eight tech corporations among the top 10 companies they would be most excited to work for.

When it comes to recruiting from the largest generation in the US workforce, the likes of Wal-Mart might want to try adopting the culture of tech companies: Tech corporations represent four of the top five companies millennials are most excited to work for. Wal-Mart and Wells Fargo are among the least appealing employers to millennials.

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Tech companies also dominate the top 10 on the positive dimensions lists

Overall, tech companies appeal to the US population not only as employers. They also dominate the lists of businesses with the most positive impact on the country and willingness to change in order to succeed.

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Tastes of Trump and Clinton voters differ, but Amazon is among top favorites for both groups

Voter breakdown shows Trump voters are more excited to work for industrial and aerospace companies; they also picked more non-tech companies (UPS, Caterpillar, and Ford) as their top choices for companies with the most positive impact in the US. At the same time, Clinton voters are much more excited to work for technology companies like Microsoft and Apple, and believe those have made the most positive impact on the US.

As for common ground, Boeing, Microsoft, Walt Disney Company, Apple, and HP all appear in the top 10 results of the most attractive employers for both Trump and Clinton voters. Both groups of voters also agree that Ford Motor Company, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and Walt Disney Company have had a positive impact on the US. When it comes to top five in both categories, there are no clear favorites other than Amazon: both groups name it among companies with the most positive impact, and, in fact, their opinions have gotten better about Amazon in the past year.

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Americans say Wells Fargo cares the least about its customers

Across all negative dimensions (negative impact on the US, cares the least about their customers, and millennials are least excited to work for), people voted Wells Fargo to either be the number one or two.

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Beating the competition

In terms of competitors stacking up against each other on how much they care about their customers: UPS has a slight advantage over FedEx, Coca-Cola wins over Pepsi-Co, and Amazon is outperforming Wal-Mart.

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Other key findings from the 2017 SurveyMonkey/Fortune 500 Rankings and data on how top 75 companies from the Fortune 500 list scored with US consumers can be found here.

On Wednesday, June 7, Fortune released the Fortune 500, its annual list of the largest corporations in the United States ranked by revenue for the 2016 fiscal year. Please visit for additional coverage or see the June 2017 issue of Fortune magazine.


The 2017 SurveyMonkey/Fortune 500 consumer rankings are based on survey responses from a national sample of 13,882 adults ages 18 and older in the United States. Respondents were selected from the nearly 3 million responses collected on the SurveyMonkey platform each day. The top 75 companies ranked in the Fortune 500 were evaluated on a set of 5 questions and each company was rated by approximately 550 respondents. The survey was conducted online from June 12-19, 2017. Data were weighted using data from the US Census Bureau to reflect the demographic composition of the United States.

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