Crisis management: Listen to consumers to react fast

A media crisis demands market research at lightning speed.
Get consumer data with SurveyMonkey Audience.


Turn to consumer voices in a PR crisis
Get consumer feedback so you can fully address concerns and respond quickly with authenticity.
Track whether your response hits the mark
You acted fast, don’t stop there: Now you need to measure what impact your response is having.
Real-time results for tough decisions
In a crisis, you’re making hard calls every minute. You need a market research solution that matches that speed.
PR crisis management helps you stay in control

Respond quickly to unexpected news

It’s called ‘crisis’ for a reason. It comes about when you least expect it and you need to react just as fast.

Be ready for anything at any time

Talk to your market to respond to all sorts of PR surprises: negative coverage, product recalls, offensive ads, poor customer interactions, and more.

Stay ahead of an evolving PR crisis

Social media discourse is a living, breathing animal. Track your brand’s perception to stay on the right path and monitor reactions to your communications strategy.
Brand Tracking

Market research can help in a PR crisis

Surveys measure the evolving perception of your brand when unexpected news arises. Strengthen your PR crisis management by tracking the following metrics with SurveyMonkey Audience.


How many people in your target market have actually heard about the news?


Where did consumers read or hear about the news?


Are people talking about the issue and sharing articles with their peers?


How do people feel about the issue? Is it all negative or is the reaction polarized?

Brand perception

Are the reactions translating into impressions of the company or brand as a whole?

Response feedback

How do consumers feel about the messaging you’ll be using in your public response?
SurveyMonkey Audience is a great media crisis solution

Lightning fast

Our market research solution is built for speed. Reach the consumers you need to talk to in minutes!

Worldwide data

If bad news spreads internationally, our panel gives you instant access to the right target markets in over 100 countries.

Always on

Launch projects on your schedule knowing that Audience is available 24/7. Get results extra fast by selecting High Priority status at checkout.

Results on the go

Use the SurveyMonkey mobile app to stay on top of the situation and see results in real time.
Crisis Management

What is the most important reason for which you use SurveyMonkey Audience?

“We tend to work reactively more than proactively, and SurveyMonkey Audience is great for fast turnarounds”
Kristy Sarraff
Marketing Research Manager, Bloomin’ Brands
Bloomin' Brands

It's easy to get started

Listen to the right audience, selecting it by demographics and other criteria.
Launch projects as fast as your strategy requires. Monitor them 24/7.
Watch your results start rolling in minutes after launch. And start making decisions fast!

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