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Get a competitive edge with investment research surveys

Validate your investment hypothesis by talking to consumers before anyone else does.

Anyone can subscribe to syndicated data sources. Gather your own insights straight from consumers.

Discover where markets are going by asking our consumer panel, so you can invest with confidence.

Track brand performance and monitor competitive shifts in the market to know when it’s time to double down or exit.

Anticipate stock market trends before a crucial earnings call. Jump into a startup’s funding round right on time. Quickly assess market trends in categories such as:

  • Consumer goods
  • Food and beverages
  • Entertainment and media
  • Tech and telecom
  • And more...

Check out this article to see many other ways in which private equity firms, hedge funds, venture capitalists, and investment analysts are using SurveyMonkey Audience.

Should you enter a category? Stay in it? Leave it? Track key consumer metrics to test your investment hypotheses with proprietary insights.

Learn what consumers are buying or likely to buy.

Know if a price change would encourage brand switching.

Measure if new products will increase consumers’ likelihood to buy or upgrade.

Track whether brands are retaining their customers.

Determine brand value and predicted success in the market.

Quantify market size and brand penetration internationally.

Benchmark key performance indicators against the major players in the category.

See if your investment target is executing on marketing and customer service strategies.

Reach the people you need and do robust research that will ensure ROI.

Our survey panel in 130+ countries helps you see how a brand expands globally.

Launch projects 24/7. Use High Priority status when you need ultra-fast results.

Reach users in any category with targeting options and custom screening questions.

Filter and compare data. Export to Excel and SPSS or integrate with Tableau.

Internet analyst

"Audience is an invaluable tool in helping us provide unique research to buy-side clients. We were able to draw conclusions in our research, both positive and negative, for specific companies."

Helix Sleep
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Select your target audience by demographics, consumer behavior, geography, and more.

Launch projects automatically and on your schedule. Monitor them 24/7.

Watch your results roll in and turn your insights into action fast!

Listen to your market and get proprietary investment research to make the right call.

Price testing

Will customers pay more for your product? What should you charge for a new one? Do all your pricing research here.

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Brand tracking

Measure and track brand performance metrics like brand awareness, favorability, conversion, and loyalty.

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Consumer behavior

Get crucial consumer insights—like attitudes, perceptions and shopping habits—by surveying your market.

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