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Market research solutions

Choose from our guided expert solutions, online panels, and range of market research services to get data whenever you need it.

Expert solutions

Get powerful insights with solutions that combine built-in expert methodologies, an integrated panel, and presentation-ready reports.

MRX solutions

Global survey panel

Easily target your ideal survey respondents and get results in minutes with our cost-effective, online panel, SurveyMonkey Audience.

MRX global survey panel

Research services

Tap into our experts who offer a range of support and services—from training to translations—and get more out of your research efforts.

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Why use SurveyMonkey for market research

Quality data you can trust

Our market research solutions are built on a foundation of high-quality, reliable respondent sources. We take an always-on approach to quality management and make sure data is on par with industry standards.

Powerful targeting

Survey exactly who you need to reach—from consumers to professionals. Select a representative, census-balanced sample, or get more granular with our demographic targeting and custom screening questions.

Speed to insights

Get data when you need it. Our market research solutions provide results in minutes versus months. Available 24/7, DIY options give you total control over results so you can analyze response data in real time.

How Allbirds does its own market research to keep a pulse on brand health


“It's very, very important for us to keep an eye on the brand strength, because that’s how we’re going to grow.”

Dinesh Gaur, Head of Analytics, Allbirds

Leading brands use SurveyMonkey for market research

Raymond James

Use SurveyMonkey market research solutions to collect data for all your needs

Ad testing

Ultra-fast ad testing helps you ensure that your campaigns are on target before you launch.

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Product development

Be an expert at product innovation by testing concepts early on in your development process.

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Brand tracking

Measure and track brand performance metrics like brand awareness, favorability, conversion, and loyalty.

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Crisis management

Get ahead of a PR crisis by tracking how the news spreads and how it affects your brand.

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Content creation

Transform your content marketing with fresh story angles and newsworthy ideas based on market research.

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Investment research

Stay ahead of the pack! Gather proprietary consumer opinions and detect key market trends.

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