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Behind the scenes: How SurveyMonkey’s Chief People Officer handles open enrollment

Behind the scenes: How SurveyMonkey’s Chief People Officer handles open enrollment

Calling all Human Resources and benefits professionals!

It’s that time of year already—getting prepped for Open Enrollment. “But wait a minute, Becky,” you might be thinking. “Open Enrollment is still months away!”

Well, true. It’s months away for employees, but here at SurveyMonkey, our HR team is already knee deep in data as we try to figure out the best possible benefits plan for our team.

Did you know that for many start-ups, employee benefits are the second or third largest company expenditures next to employee salaries?

With this fact in mind, ensuring that your company gets the most bang for its buck, is crucial to an organization’s overall success. Like any growing company, our benefits need to be updated regularly to best fit the needs of our team. But, before I could consider making changes, I needed to know what the company thought of our existing plan. Any guesses how I went about getting that data?

Yep, with a survey, of course.

With my Employee Benefits Survey, I was able to determine which benefits were most important to the team, what additions they’d like us to consider, and which parts of the plan they’re simply not using. After emailing the survey to the company, I quickly collected the data I needed—taking the team’s feedback and turning it into actionable results.

So what did I learn?

Overall, our employees responded that they were very happy with our current benefits—music to this HR professional's ears!

Other key findings include:

  • A desire for more self-serve options—online cost comparison tools, phone or online access to a doctor, etc.
  • Increased opportunities for my team to educate our employees—many weren’t aware of some already existing benefits.
  • Preferences for medical plan expenditures (see chart below).
Open enrollment cost chart

Armed with all of the excellent employee feedback that I received, I can not only start designing our new plan, but I also know that I should designate some time for “Employee HR School” during our 2014 Open Enrollment.

Want to take a peek at the Employee Benefits survey I sent out? Check it out and get started today!