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Fortune|SurveyMonkey poll: reopening update

Fortune|SurveyMonkey poll: reopening update

More than half of people (54%) say they "always" wear a mask when out in public, according to a new Fortune|SurveyMonkey poll, highlighting just one way in which the post-coronavirus world will look a lot different than it did before.

In the past month, Americans' anticipation for a quick return to normalcy has been tempered. Just 12% of people now say they think things in their area will be back to normal within a month; in April, that number had been 18%. The number of people expecting things to take more than a year to get back to normal has increased to 31% from 21% in April.

A clear majority of people (62% v. 36%) are more concerned that businesses in their area will reopen too quickly rather than too slowly—exactly the same split that we saw in April. But, support for reopening is increasing across the board. More people now than in April say they want to see closed doctors' offices, dentists' offices, retail and commercial businesses, dine-in restaurants, and other types of activities reopen immediately in their area.

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Question text:
Do you have a positive or negative view of the U.S. federal government’s response to the coronavirus outbreaks?
When do you think life in your area will be mostly back to normal? Is that in … ?
How often do you wear a mask in public?
Thinking about the U.S. as a whole, is the coronavirus outbreak more of an economic crisis or more of a health crisis?
How about for you personally? Are you more worried about your economic prospects or your health?
What’s a bigger concern to you right now—that businesses in your area will reopen too quickly or too slowly?
What types of businesses should be the first to reopen in your area? (Select all that apply.)
Should any of the following businesses reopen immediately in your area? (Select all that apply.)
Do you have a favorable or unfavorable view of the Paycheck Protection Plan, small business loan program that Congress passed as a part of its stimulus package?
What best describes your employment situation?
How worried are you that you’ll lose your job or work because of the coronavirus? (AMONG EMPLOYED)
In what ways has your employment been impacted by the coronavirus outbreaks? (Select all that apply.) (AMONG THOSE IN THE LABOR FORCE)