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How to customize your survey’s theme

How to customize your survey’s theme

Whether you’re revamping your kitchen or planning a party, choosing a sweet theme is sure to make the experience a treat for folks. The same is true when it comes to designing your survey. We all know that the more aesthetically appealing something is, the more drawn we are to it. This is why an attractive theme that matches and acts as a complement to the subject of your survey is key.

SurveyMonkey provides you with a number of great options when you’re ready to select a theme. Love templates? You’re in luck–check out our list of beautiful templates designed to help you get started. You can even customize these templates and then save your own versions for later. Don’t forget–try to create a theme that truly reflects the survey you’re creating.

For example, say your brand logo is all about the color green. Consider choosing a theme that incorporates green too. Or say you’re creating a survey about plants? Choose a theme based on earth-colored tones. Does your company use Helvetica as their go-to font of choice? Well, guess what font you should probably select when writing your next company survey–yep, Helvetica all the way. Each of these theme options is a great way to express the feeling of your survey’s subject to your respondents.

Choose survey theme

To access our list of themes, click on the Themes drop down menu at the top of the page. From here you can select one of our templates. If you prefer, you can create your own theme from scratch, or change up the template by clicking on the Create Custom Theme button.

Create custom theme for survey

When in the Custom Theme editor, you’ll be presented with a wide range of options. Along the left side of the page, you’ll see a list of all the different theme areas: Survey Font & Background, Page Title, Page Description, Error Message, etc.

Once you choose an area you’d like to adjust, you’ll be able to adjust the colors, fonts, and borders. Get fancy and apply your own personal hexcodes, or our hexcode generator to pick out the color you need. You can also adjust the font type, and underline, bold or italicize the text. Have fun trying out all the options, and see what they look like in our Theme Preview box located below the editor.

Now that you’ve become the Van Gogh of surveying, you’re ready to create a survey masterpiece. Go on and get those creative juices flowing!

Looking for more inspiration on how to choose a theme that’s best for you? Let us know in the Comments–we want to help!