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5 tricks to customize your survey with your very own brand

5 tricks to customize your survey with your very own brand

Are you a victim of good marketing?

Do you buy all the unhealthy snacks on display by the supermarket checkout? Do you get the urge to stop and buy a refreshing fizzy drink every time you see the banner at the bus stop—when you just can’t resist the bubbles, the slice of lemon, the perfectly shaped ice cubes in a frosty glass?

We all fall victim to effective marketing. That’s why it’s so important to brand your survey.

The truth is that branding matters. There’s a reason customers choose to do business with you, whether it’s your name, reputation, or anything that sets you apart from everyone else.

Branding your survey will allow you to engage with survey respondents in a better way. After all, who’s going to be able to resist taking your survey once you’ve made it up with your flashy colors and fancy logo?

SurveyMonkey’s Platinum plan gives you all the necessary tools to personalize your survey to stay true to your brand. Here are 5 easy tricks to customize your survey if you have a Platinum plan.

Important note: While adding your brand to your own survey is sometimes a good idea, it’s not appropriate for every use case. For instance, if you’re conducting research using your survey, including branding could influence your survey respondents and alter your data.

1. Care for your design.

Start out by customize your font, colors, and style to match your brand. What’s better than adding your own logo and colors to your survey for communicating your brand identity and gaining your respondents’ trust?

2. Create a theme that will last.

Want your survey to display your brand colors? You can create an awesome custom theme with your colors so that once respondents open your survey, they think of you right away just by looking at your colors. When you create a custom theme, it’s saved in your account so you can use it again on any of your future surveys. Do it once. It will be there for you forever.

3. Focus on your own brand.

Want to make sure your survey is entirely yours? With a Platinum plan, you can remove the “Powered by SurveyMonkey” footer on your survey. You can even add your own footer by adding additional text into each page of your survey. Once you’ve done that, add some extra spacing so it shows up lower on the page.

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4. Make your survey entirely yours.

Want to add your own brand to your survey’s url? If you want to own every aspect of your survey, you can customize your survey url to include your own company name or brand.

5. Send respondents to your site.

If you redirect respondents to your own site after they take your survey, you can make sure you give them the opportunity to keep interacting with your brand. You can tune them in to more information regarding your brand, show them a special offer, the newest product you’ve launched—anything you need.

Now put your thinking hat on and start creating. If you need help, please remember that with your Platinum plan you have email support 24/7 and phone support Monday through Friday from 5 a.m.-8 p.m. EST. We are only a phone call away.

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