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CNBC|SurveyMonkey Workforce Happiness Index: May 2020

CNBC|SurveyMonkey Workforce Happiness Index: May 2020

Everything about the workplace has changed over the past weeks and months, and yet workers’ reported job satisfaction and happiness measures have all ticked up in the latest CNBC|SurveyMonkey report. After holding steady at a score of 71 all last year, the Workplace Happiness Index now measures a 73 out of 100, with slight increases in positive sentiment on all component measures. 

When asked directly about the effect the coronavirus pandemic has had on their relationship to their job, 38% of workers say they are happier to have their job now than they were before the outbreak—an indication that workers may be reevaluating their views and expectations on work in general. Just 11% say that now, more than before, they wish they had a different job. Despite the many ways workers have had to adapt in recent weeks, about half (51%) say they feel the same about their job now as they did before the coronavirus outbreak.

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Just as there is widespread job satisfaction across the workforce, most workers are also quite satisfied with how their organizations are handling the response to the coronavirus outbreak. More than four in five workers (83%) say they are confident their organization’s leadership is making the right business decisions to manage through the current environment.

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Question text:
Which one of the following issues matters MOST to you right now?
Which of the following best describes you?
Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with your current job?
How well do you think you are paid for the work you do?
How would you rate the opportunities your company provides for you to advance your career?
How much do you think your contributions at work are valued by your colleagues?
How much control do you have at work over the tasks you do, the way in which you do them, or the timing of when you do them?
How meaningful is your work to you?
Has the coronavirus outbreak changed how you feel about your job?
Compared to before the coronavirus outbreak, would you say it’s gotten easier or harder to do your job effectively, or has it been about the same?
How would you rate the overall morale among you and your coworkers these days?
How confident are you that your organization’s leadership is making the right business decisions to manage through the current environment?
How worried are you that you will lose your job or have your hours cut in the coming weeks because of the coronavirus outbreak?
In the last three months, have you seriously considered quitting your job?
Have you been doing your job from home or remotely in recent weeks?
Thinking ahead to when things are safe again, how often do you think you will want to work from home? (AMONG REMOTE WORKERS)
Which, if any, of the following measures would you like to see your employer implement before you return to work in-person? (Select all that apply.) (AMONG REMOTE WORKERS)
Even though you are not working from home, how many of your coworkers would you say are currently working from home? (AMONG NON-REMOTE)
Which steps, if any, has your workplace already implemented? (Select all that apply.) (AMONG NON-REMOTE)
Which of the following measures would you like to see your employer implement? (Select all that apply) (AMONG NON-REMOTE)
How safe have you felt going to work during the pandemic? (AMONG NON-REMOTE)
How satisfied are you with the measures your company has put in place to keep you safe at work? (AMONG NON-REMOTE)