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CNBC|SurveyMonkey poll: “Invest in You” February 2021

CNBC|SurveyMonkey poll: “Invest in You” February 2021

The financial impact of the coronavirus outbreak continues to hit differently by race.  A year into the pandemic, and persons of color are continuing to feel the financial strain at greater rates than white Americans.

  • Fully 50% of Black people and 40% of Latinx people say they are counting on another round of government relief to get by; twice or more the shares of whites (22%). 
  • 57% of Black women, 46% of Latinas, and 25% of white women are counting on this relief. 
  • Over three-quarters (76%) of whites say they’ve received at least one COVID-19 relief payment from the government and just 67% of Latinx, and 65% of Black people saying they got the funds.  

In addition, 73% of Americans say they are carrying at least one form of debt, with credit card debt the top cited kind (41%).

  • 40% of Americans had to take emergency measures to manage their finances in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. 
  • The top three actions are tapp[ing] emergency savings (13%), borrowing money from a family member or friend (12%), and using a food bank (11%). 
  • Across nearly all emergency measures listed, higher rates of Black women report having to take these actions compared to white men. 
    • 23% of Black women and 17% of Latinas borrowed from family/friends vs. 9% of white men.
    • 21% of  Black women, 19% of Latinas used a food bank vs. 9% of Black or Latinos and 8% of white men.

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