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360 Employee Feedback Survey Example

360 Employee Feedback Survey Example

Performance reviews can often be a source of anxiety for employees and managers alike. Employees want to make sure they are getting direct feedback from a variety of people they work with on a day-to-day basis. Managers want to make sure feedback is fair, comprehensive, and actionable. Adding to the strain is the often cumbersome process of sending out forms, following up to make sure feedback comes in, collating all the input, and trying to put it all together in a meaningful fashion.

We’ve seen customers turn to SurveyMonkey to simplify feedback gathering, follow-up, and analysis so they can spend more time on the most important part of the review: focusing in on the key things an employee is doing well and the critical areas for improvement.

Embedded below is the 360 Employee Feedback template, which is available on our site. You can quickly customize it per employee, edit it to focus on your organization’s key success factors, send it out using our email collector (so you can follow up with those stragglers who don’t complete it in time!), and easily see aggregated results per employee. By asking for the respondent’s working relationship with the employee, you also have the option to filter feedback per employee based on peers or people who report to him or her, to see if there are any differences in responses. Feel free to click through to see how you might use this for your next performance review cycle.

There you have it. Spend less time shuffling paper, more time making your employees more successful, and earn yourself that well-deserved “Boss of the Year” award.

Have good questions you like to use for gathering performance feedback? Please do share.

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  • benta

    thank you very much for the example you gave i like the motivation on your employee the plans of this new survey will surely go far and i cant wait to be the part of it

    • Thanks Benta–very glad you liked the example.

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  • Thanks for posting nice article. Very nice post

  • Yes, Honestly I think you are right about this. I wish you will let us know more about this in future posting as well. Waiting for that.. Thanks again ;) ;)

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  • love your site thanks for all the info wil
    send a link to my buddys
    rg van dijk

    • Hanna J

      Great, thanks! We appreciate the shout out. :)


    I am curious whether you have any advanced reporting for 360-degree feedback? Most 360 tools have reports that compare self, boss, peer and client feedback, at least.

  • I think you are correct about this. Very nice post. Thank you for posting a blog like this.

    • Sheila G

      Thanks Kimberly!

  • nalin

    advantage of reinforcing the value of that feedback

  • A survey is a crucial tool for any kind of business. It helps recognize aspects which needs some fine tuning. The results may be used to set up some specific measures to be able to constantly enhance the company’s overall performance.

    • Sheila G

      We couldn’t agree more! Thanks for sharing Jeanne.

  • badsumo

    Hi — how do I identify the person who will be evaluated? For example, I want to evaluate Jane Smith who is a supervisor so a peer, someone who reports to Jane, Jane’s supervisor, and maybe someone else would be asked to do the evaluation.

  • kaytek

    Hi there! We’ve asked our HR team this very question for their expert advice. Will report back shortly.

  • llamos

    Where is the embedded sample survey?

    • kaytek

      Hi there, it’s back. Sorry for the hiccup & thanks for the catch!

    • kaytek

      Hi there! It’s back. Sorry for the hiccup & thanks for the catch!

      • llamos

        You’re welcome. I’m considering going SM Pro for the 360 feature, but have a reservation, True 360s also have a Self rating. I don’t see that option in the example. Is it possible to design a 360 where one could rate oneself as well as getting ratings from others?

        • kaytek

          Self reviews are possible too! We’d recommend working with either your supervisor or HR professional to make sure you’re asking the appropriate questions on behalf of a self eval.

          • llamos

            Rats. I was hoping you’d explain how to use SM to do this. I am the HR person. I was wanting to collect self and peer ratings for a leaderless workgroup over 5 points in time. Not sure how to do this with SM.

          • kaytek

            Ah, gotcha. Sorry, should’ve asked if you were in charge of HR. :) We’ll ask our HR team to see if they have some recommendations for you!

  • Rachel Castellon

    Hi. So does the SM 360 template allow for the option of self eval? If not, what would be the workaround? Thank you!

  • Steven Van Tassell

    Good evening! I have a client who is asking me to do a 360 survey. I’m a survey researcher who has done plenty of market research surveys, but never a 360 survey. The client has their our own set of questions for evaluation. How do I put together a 360 survey that has different questions than the ones in the 360-degree feedback survey template?

    • KTsurveymonkey

      Hi there, Steven!

      You can create your own survey design by clicking the green, “Create Survey” button and build one from scratch. You can then use our question builder to use the question types and insert your client’s questions. Here’s more:

      Happy surveying!

      • Associated_fund_administrators

        Hi there kindly assist I am using sorveymonkey to 360 evaluation, our challenge is when a supervisor have more than one subordinate. how can a supervisor do more than on subordinate?

  • Steven Van Tassell

    I’m working on a 360 survey for a client using Survey Monkey. The questions provided to me by my client are not the same as the ones in the template. Can I still use the template to program my survey and get valid responses?

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