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Performance Reviews Made Easy

Performance Reviews Made Easy

We all know that January brings a certain “R” word with it. Nope, not resolutions (though we’ve made a few of our own: ask more questions, have more fun, eat more bananas). No, we’re talking about that other “R” word: reviews.

Before you moan and groan about conducting performance reviews, gathering employee self-evaluations, or even getting customer feedback, check out the resources below from SurveyMonkey. We’ve made it easy, methodologically sound, and even fun (yes, fun!) to gather performance feedback. Online. Fast. Simple to analyze. All you have to do is decide what to do with the time you save.

Question Bank

You can find hundreds of commonly asked performance feedback questions, written by methodologists, in SurveyMonkey’s Question Bank. These pre-written questions and response options are available to all customers, including those with a free plan.

To search or browse questions, click on Question Bank. Within the Human Resources category, you’ll see all of our performance feedback subcategories:

You can customize your questions by editing the fields marked in gray. For example, change “your coworker” to the name of the employee being reviewed:

Then simply click “Add” and the question is included in your survey. Methodologically sound response options are already written (that’s right, we did the work for you), so just keep repeating until you’ve included all the questions you want to ask:

Survey Templates

Want an even faster way to send your survey? Try our library of templates for all types of surveys, including performance reviews. All of our templates are built using Question Bank questions. We’ve simply put together sets of questions that work well together to help you gather comprehensive and useful feedback.

When creating your survey, go ahead and select “Use an expert survey template” to choose the one you need:

You can still edit and add, even if you start with a template. Check out a few of our templates by clicking on the links below:

Have tips on the best (and fastest) ways to gather performance feedback? We’d love to hear them in the comments below.

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22 thoughts on “Performance Reviews Made Easy

  1. IMTIYAZ AHMAD says:

    it is totally satisfactory

  2. Dr. R. A. Yorke says:

    Do you have a model questionnaire to test member satisfaction in the context of a small but relatively active Civic Society, established over 50 years ago and having about 200 members. (The Formby Civic Society). We are registered as a charity and with the (now) national coordinating body Civic Voice. We could send this out with our February Newsletter which goes to all members, three times a year.
    Reg Yorke,
    Vice Chair/Secretary.

    1. Thanks for the ongoing information. it is alsways good to refresh ones thinking.

    2. MychalH says:

      Hello Dr Yorke – Based on the context, we do not have that specific of a model under our templates. If you do not see anything that would assist you under our templates, and need help with the design, our design team can also steer you in the right direction:

  3. maura veneri says:

    reviews are a great way for everyone to find out things they didn’t know about each other and about products and/orservices they would like to use.

  4. Dear sir,
    Thanks and best wishes to team of surveymonkey blog. It is very nice survey templete. I would like to requesting to provide such kind survey tools to us if you have option to enhance capacity to local NGOs in greater human development aspect. If it is possible, please provide to us.
    It will be highly appreciated for your kind cooperation in this regard. We will ensure to use acredition logo or acknowledgement name of surveymonkey blog in all templete where it will be uses.

    Tapan Kanti Dey
    Shariatpur Development Society (SDS)
    Sadar Road, Shariatpur-8000
    cell: 88 0171225133

    1. Anne R says:

      Hi Tapan,
      We do offer a discount for non-profits to use SurveyMonkey. Here’s a link to learn more:
      We look forward to working with you.

      1. maham says:

        this was really helpful!!

        1. maham says:

          this is wonderful

  5. Joanne says:

    This looks great, practical and is justified.

    1. Anne R says:

      Thanks, Joanne! Let us know if there are any other examples or templates we can share that would be helpful.

  6. ChangRuiQi says:

    very good

  7. Pradeep says:

    It perfectly serves my purpose.

    1. Anne R says:

      Glad to hear it Pradeep!

  8. Dr G Abbaiah says:

    The Question bank and Templates are well articulated. Good Job

    1. dave singleton says:

      Please no giving or selling my email or personal data to others.Do you have any legitimate work withour signing up for advertisers to bombard you trying to get a prise which is unreachable.are you legit way to make extra monet withour trashing out my computer?

      1. MychalH says:

        Hello Dave – We use the information collected from your surveys in strict accordance with our Privacy Policy. We will make every effort to ensure that whatever information you provide will be maintained in a secure environment

        Please note that even if you opt out of receiving any communications from, we reserve the right to contact you regarding your account status or any other matter that might affect our service to you and/or our records on you.

        To review our policy, click on the Privacy Policy link in the footer of our main SurveyMonkey site.

  9. Michael Canavino says:

    I would love to tour the SurveyMonkey headquaters and see the apparently vast collection of Monet paintings ‘dave singleton’ beleives you have.

  10. Eda says:

    I was unable to access the evaluation for the Management of Inpatient Hyperglycemia. Given by Scott Drab Pharm. D. on 05/10/12

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Eda – Yikes, that’s no good. Have you contacted the physician’s office? They may have closed the survey, or they may have given you the wrong survey link by mistake. If it’s an issue with your account and not with your doctor, email They’ll take good care of you. Thanks!

  11. Onyedikachukwu says:


    Is there any survey that can help one to know how well a product or installed system is doing among the people using it?


    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Onyedikachukwu – It sounds like you could use a Marketing Survey Template. We offer some templates that you can customize to fit your specific needs. To learn more, check out: Thanks!

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