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Case Study

PitchBook builds brand advocacy and enables marketing success with surveys

PitchBook Data’s customer success team needed a way to streamline the customer insights collection process and equip the sales and marketing teams to use the data efficiently. In a niche industry – venture capital, private equity, and mergers/acquisitions – time can be in short supply to generate relevant, powerful customer insights. The team turned to TechValidate to scale their survey practice and enhance the way the information is applied.

Leveraging TechValidate’s portal to centralize the customer story collection process, PitchBook has expanded their customer success team and is able to respond to ever-increasing requests for testimonials quickly. Using key features like referenced volunteers has boosted response rates and helped the team explore more ways to use the platform.

Download the case study to learn how PitchBook strengthens their marketing team, up-levels their customer feedback process and sell both a product and an experience with TechValidate.

Download the case study
Learn how PitchBook improved their customer feedback process with TechValidate.