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Case Study

Carlex Glass built better internal communication through COVID-19 response

Carlex Glass, a subsidiary of Central Glass, operates six major plants employing around 1,800 people. Checking all of those employees daily for COVID-19 risk had the potential to be a cumbersome and budget-compromising process. Carlex needed a better way to ensure the health of its employees and keep productivity high.

Leveraging SurveyMonkey Enterprise, Carlex created a digital packet of information for employees that communicated what to expect about the company’s COVID-19 response and tracked risk factors through daily surveys. Instead of spending an hour and half checking in each day, employees simply complete a 30-second survey that keeps HR and the Pandemic Oversight Committee informed.

Download the case study to learn how Carlex is delivering products to customers on time and keeping employees safe throughout COVID-19.

Download the case study
Learn how Carlex is keeping employees safe throughout COVID-19.