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Case Study

Apptio meets customers where they are and crystallizes its value proposition

When SaaS company Apptio needed to refresh its product marketing messaging, the team was struggling with a lengthy sales cycle, a cumbersome process for collecting customer testimonials, and jargon-heavy copy. Using TechValidate by SurveyMonkey, Apptio created new messaging that speaks to customers in their own language.

By using feedback surveys regularly and leveraging TechValidate’s tools to streamline the process, Apptio was able to get a deeper understanding of its customers' needs. This feedback was used to craft new messaging that crystallized the company’s value proposition and shortened the sales cycle by 25%. 

Download the case study to learn how Apptio solved common pain points in the customer feedback collection process, better equipped the product marketing team, and extracted the true voice of its buyers with TechValidate. 

Download the case study
Learn more about how Apptio refreshed its messaging with TechValidate.