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SurveyMonkey and Parity logo

Discover new data on the state of women’s professional sports—from the loyalty of fans to the impact of brands.

Headshot of Jaide Stepter Baynes, American track and field athlete
Women's Sports

Parity is a sports marketing and sponsorship platform focused on closing the gender income and opportunity gap in professional sports.

We partnered with Parity to uncover new insights on the landscape of women’s professional sports*. See what we learned about fans’ habits, athletes’ visibility, and the opportunities brands have to get in the game.

Interest in women’s sports is growing at a healthy rate, with the UK, Australia, and Spain leading the charge.

Infographic showing percent of fans watching 2+ hours a week of women's sports

Women’s sports fans in the US are logging the most weekly viewing hours, followed by Canada and Australia.

Most people are unaware that the 2024 Summer Games will have equal gender representation among athletes. Awareness is highest in France, where the Games will be held.

Infographic showing percent of people who know that this summer's Olympics will have full gender parity
Headshot of Dr. Seun Adigun

“As a Summer and Winter Olympian, I'm overjoyed by strides towards gender equality in sports. It's crucial we keep advocating for parity across all levels, shaping a fairer, more inclusive world.”

Dr. Seun Adigun

First African to compete in both a Summer and Winter Olympic Games

Nearly one in three US adults say their purchasing decisions are positively impacted if a brand aligns itself with women’s sports.

32% of US adults are likely to purchase a brand's products if it  supports women's sports or is promoted by women athletes
65% of US adults trust that women athletes believe in the products they promote

Most US adults trust women athletes as brand ambassadors—and are 2x more likely to purchase products promoted by them versus other influencers.

A majority of US adults believe that a brand’s support of women’s sports signals its values.

59% of US adults believe that brands sponsoring women athletes or sports care about gender equality
Headshot of Sabre Cook

“As a racecar driver, I've always relied on data to optimize performance. Seeing the compelling statistics backing investment in women's sports fuels my drive to push for equality on and off the track.”

Sabre Cook

Professional racecar driver

Australians are the top followers of women’s sports accounts on social media, while French fans trail behind.

Infographic showing percent of people who follow women athletes on social media by country
49% of adults who follow women's sports accounts or social media engage with them daily or weekly

On average, nearly half of people who follow women’s sports accounts on social media are liking, commenting on, or resharing content on a daily or weekly basis.

Across all countries, Instagram is the leading social media platform for fans to keep up with specific women athletes, followed by Facebook and YouTube.

Infographic showing top social media platforms for following individual women athletes
Screenshot of SurveyMonkey market research survey template

Get feedback from your target audience.

Screenshot of SurveyMonkey path to purchase survey template

Understand what drives purchase decisions.

Screenshot of SurveyMonkey brand perception survey template

Uncover your brand’s reputation and reach.

Screenshot of SurveyMonkey ad copy testing survey template

Refine your creative or messaging.

*This poll was conducted March 28-April 10, 2024 among a national sample of 5,408 US, 1,972 UK, 1,251 Australian, 1,743 Canadian, 1,290 German, 1,193 Spanish, and 1,517 French adults aged 18+. Respondents for this survey were selected from the more than 2 million people who take surveys on the SurveyMonkey platform each day. We define women’s sports fans as those who watch professional women’s sports at least a few times a year.