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Streamline any ordering process with online forms. Use SurveyMonkey to easily create and customize an order form today. 

Running a good business means creating a pleasant customer experience, especially for e-commerce. Part of that pleasant experience involves making the customer shopping experience easy, and order forms are a great tool to integrate into your e-commerce business. Whether you’re trying to sell products or just gathering information among a group, order forms are a great way to collect the necessary information. 

Turning to an online forms solution makes it easy to keep order details organized, so there are no issues regarding fulfillment. It serves as a central place to reference the customer’s order, their contact information, and other details like the date of purchase, which items have been fulfilled, which items are delayed, and more.

The use of online order forms makes the buying transaction between the business and customer more efficient. It serves as an official documented transaction for every customer. And this document is beneficial to your company for bookkeeping purposes and is also great for customers who want to track their purchases. Additionally, online orders make purchasing easy because they are easy to distribute, can be embedded into a website, and make collecting payments more convenient. Let’s go in-depth with how online forms can help your e-commerce business.

Online order forms are useful for large purchases requiring specific details. For instance, if you’re ordering new uniforms for your softball team, an online order form makes it simple to send to the group and get all the important details you need, like size, color, and quantity. 

These forms are also useful for personalized orders that require a name, monogram, or initials. Such details might need a one-to-one consultation order, but online forms allow customers to place a mass order with all the specific information listed—with no paper forms to track. Online order forms also eliminate the need to reach out to everyone individually and let them respond as they’re able.

Online order forms make processing payments more efficient. Whether your customers are paying by credit card, Venmo, Apple Pay, or PayPal, your order form can process and organize each purchase into its respective payment for bookkeeping purposes. Order forms also simplify the process, integrating different payment options for a more secure checkout experience. 

Whether you’re selling merchandise to a customer or collecting money from friends for an event, online order forms make it a breeze. SurveyMonkey payment integrations also allow you to take payment right in an order form.

Embedding an order form into your website creates a professional e-commerce interface that customers are more likely to trust. When people trust an e-commerce business, they’re more likely to do business with them. SurveyMonkey’s robust experience management platform offers user-friendly ways to customize an order form and embed it into your website with full integration capabilities. 

Here’s why you should consider embedding an order form to your e-commerce website:

  • You can collect orders, including payment, without setting up a full e-commerce offering. Online forms can help reduce operational costs by being a one-stop personalized purchasing hub for every customer. 
  • Data security best practices mean that your customer payment and personal information are kept safe. Embedding order form helps keep sensitive information safe and secure. When customers know this, they’re more likely to become repeat customers. 
  • SurveyMonkey forms are easy to embed on your site because it’s a platform built to deliver insights. That means your orders can be as detailed and specific as needed. SurveyMonkey can help you process every order more efficiently for receiving, packing, shipping, bookkeeping, and even for future reference. 

Online forms offer an effortless way to access every detail of each customer’s order. Managing and tracking a high volume of order forms can be challenging without using an experience management solution with AI-powered insights. SurveyMonkey can automate your sales operations using online order forms, making for a quick and efficient way to process orders. 

TIP: Provide customers with the option of placing orders online. Taking your orders digitally means that all order information is stored in a convenient database for later reference. 

  • Online order forms are useful for managing large amounts of inventory and sales. Overall, online order forms can streamline your sales process, resulting in more sales and better business. 
  • They’re especially useful for accounting purposes.
  • These forms are essential for tracking orders and delivery. 
  • They’re helpful when you need to make a change to a previous order.
  •  Apparel purchases are a breeze with online order forms.

Process orders quickly with an online order form. Order forms allow customers to make an online purchase with ease. It also allows them to present product options like photos, style options, and color choices. 

If you have a product to sell, using an order form is a great way to begin selling quickly. Entrepreneurs starting with just one product can also benefit from an online order form. But whether it’s just one item or several, online product order forms offer you the opportunity to showcase your product with details and information about your company. And you can suggest other products to purchase.  

Rather than setting up a whole online store, you can sell products through an embedded order form. You can reduce the expense of managing an e-commerce website by creating your order form and embedding it into your website.

Online forms are also helpful in other ways, such as: 

  • Making changes to existing orders
  • Organizing returns, exchanges, and refunds
  • Work orders and tenant issues for landlords 

Though not strictly similar, a change order or work order can also be submitted through an online order form. Whether for e-commerce sales or property management, order forms are an organized way to track any amendments to an existing order. 

Required details can be filled out, and then relevant parties can be notified to begin work. And because it’s an online order form, all parties can access the form and see any real-time updates. For instance, if a maintenance service has been addressed, everyone can see that their request has been fulfilled. 

For customized clothing, online order forms allow customers to create a t-shirt for special events like a bridal shower, birthday party, company picnic, sporting event, school event, and more. 

The next time you’re going to order shirts for your company, sports team, or sorority/fraternity, an online order is the way go. 

Allow participants to select their size and any customization available. Then you’ll have all that data easily stored. Use an order form template that matches the type of itemizations you want to offer with your t-shirts. You’ll also have the option to add more product options. 

SurveyMonkey order form templates can help you build and track pre-order forms, change request forms, supply order forms, fundraising forms, delivery, and food order forms, and return forms. Use order forms to make your product more appealing and provide the necessary information a customer needs to purchase a product.

Think of your order form as a one-page website because, in some cases, your order form may operate like an online storefront. Use your logos and other brand assets to make the order form more engaging, and increase the chance of a conversion. The more of your brand you incorporate into your order form, the more familiar and trusting customers might be to make a purchase. 

Ensure you get proper information on the person ordering. If you need to reach out to the customer due to inventory availability, you’ll have the information to contact them with other purchasing options. Such contact information should include name and shipping information and contact details like email, phone number, and mailing address for further communication. 

Using the contact information you gathered, always send an order confirmation, and include shipping details if relevant. Confirmation can be presented as a web page when the transaction is completed, and you can also send an automated confirmation email. You can also create a confirmation form from an order template and include the buyer’s purchase and contact information. 

Use the many formatting options available in SurveyMonkey to make it easy to choose sizes, colors, or personalization options for an order. You can also select the format of choice, like a drop-down menu, radio button, or grid. Choose the best aesthetic that makes the purchasing process user-friendly. 

SurveyMonkey order form templates can help you create online order forms for any business. Select a plan today to start building purchase order forms, t-shirt order forms, and more.