SurveyMonkey Mobile SDK

Get customer feedback with in-app surveys that are easy to use and look great.

Our mobile SDK for iOS and Android gives you all the tools you need to survey and collect customer feedback directly in your app, make improvements to the app experience, and encourage people to leave positive reviews in the app store. And because you get real-time feedback from your surveys, you can make improvements faster.

Your customers take your integrated in-app feedback survey. You get feedback results in real-time.

Better in-app surveys for better data
In-app surveys make it easier—and more likely—that people will respond to your questions. With more responses, you can improve your app and get insights to better understand why customers didn’t checkout, how to make your game more engaging, or what improvements they’d like to see.

Easy setup and deployment
When you integrate the SurveyMonkey Mobile SDK in your app, you can create and deploy surveys incredibly fast. And when you want to edit your survey, the changes update immediately in your app, with no need to submit a new version to your app store. We also give you expert-certified templates and questions, so you’re set up to ask questions like a pro and get better response data.

Prompt app users for feedback and get real-time analytics
You can set intervals for when in-app surveys appear or trigger them when people take specific actions in your app. You can even prompt users to leave reviews in the app store.* And as feedback comes in, you’ll get real-time analytics that help you improve the customer experience, your products and services, and your marketing strategy.

Get the free SurveyMonkey Mobile SDK

Download our mobile SDK now on GitHub.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a survey to ask people about your app and what improvements they’d like to see. You can also prompt them to leave reviews in the app store.
  2. Use our expert-certified Mobile App Feedback template to make sure your survey is solid from the start.
  3. Create custom surveys that match the look and feel of your app.
  4. Integrate the survey into your app with our mobile SDK.
  5. Get real-time results and address customer concerns early.


See how to implement our SDK

Check out this great tutorial that will help you set up mobile surveys in your app.

Have more questions? Visit our Help Center.

*SDK features vary based on your plan.

Get the free SDK

Download our mobile SDK now on GitHub.

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