SurveyMonkey is built to handle every use case and need. Explore our product to learn how SurveyMonkey can work for you.

Get data-driven insights from a global leader in online surveys.

Integrate with 100+ apps and plug-ins to get more done.

Build and customize online forms to collect info and payments.

Create better surveys and spot insights quickly with built-in AI.

Purpose-built solutions for all of your market research needs.


Measure customer satisfaction and loyalty for your business.

Learn what makes customers happy and turn them into advocates.

Get actionable insights to improve the user experience.

Collect contact information from prospects, invitees, and more.

Easily collect and track RSVPs for your next event.

Find out what attendees want so that you can improve your next event.

Uncover insights to boost engagement and drive better results.

Get feedback from your attendees so you can run better meetings.

Use peer feedback to help improve employee performance.

Create better courses and improve teaching methods.

Learn how students rate the course material and its presentation.

Find out what your customers think about your new product ideas.


Best practices for using surveys and survey data

Our blog about surveys, tips for business, and more.

Tutorials and how to guides for using SurveyMonkey.

How top brands drive growth with SurveyMonkey.

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Want to familiarize yourself with our brand and assets? Learn how to use our name, logo, colors, and trademarks with these guidelines. As long as you follow them, you won’t have to worry about checking in with us for each use.

Person holding laptop under their arm with SurveyMonkey Goldie logo next to them

SurveyMonkey is one single word—and it’s always styled with a capital “S” and “M”. To keep things short and sweet, we never include phrases or business labels next to our name.

Dos - SurveyMonkey, Donts - Survey Monkey, survey monkey,, SurveyMonkey Co., SurveyMonkey Inc., SurveyMonkey LLC
SurveyMonkey Goldie logo shown in various colors against different backgrounds

Our logomark Goldie is named after our beloved, late CEO, Dave Goldberg. Follow these guidelines to make sure you use Goldie the right way.

Our logo is the hero of the SurveyMonkey brand. And we always feature an ® with it. We’d never want to confuse anyone, so let’s not change it or misuse it.
Use the green version of our logo only on white backgrounds. When the background is any other color, use the white version of our logo.

Goldie can be used without the logotype for all sites and properties, CRM, and secondary mentions. Make sure Goldie and the logotype always appear first.

The horizontal version is our favorite version. We think it’ll be yours, too, but you can try the vertical version when space is limited, or when you need the real estate for co-branding.

  • Goldie stays put. Keep him in the same position next to the brand name.
  • The elements that scale together stay together. When Goldie grows, the logo should, too.
  • It's always SurveyMonkey. Never Survey Monkey as two words, so keep ’em together.
  • Kaleidoscope? Nope. We only ever use one color in our logo lockup.
  • Goldie and our logotype are made for each other. Splitting them up is just too sad, so we never do it.
  • Bend or squish it? Now that’s a stretch. They’re just the right shapes and sizes, so we never stretch the logo lockup or Goldie.
Diagram showing approved version of SurveyMonkey logo usage, along with examples of how not to use the logo
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This policy explains how you may use SurveyMonkey’s logos, trademarks and other brand assets, as well as how you may reference SurveyMonkey and our products and services in text and pictures.

You may use our brand assets in accordance with the rules below. If you wish to use any brand asset in a manner not provided for or authorized by this policy, please fill out the Permission Request Form and we’ll get back to you. If you already have an agreement with SurveyMonkey covering the use of our brand assets, you do not need to submit a request for the rights you already have under that agreement.

This policy is composed of the Use Rules below and the Design Requirements above (which detail how you must visually present our brand assets). Copies of our brand assets can be downloaded from this brand assets page.

This policy is subject to revision by SurveyMonkey at any time.

You may use our brand assets for non-commercial purposes, including in connection with academic research. For commercial uses, such as including our brand assets in a product for sale, please request our permission. We may require you to stop using our brand assets if we believe that your use falls outside these rules or the scope of any permission we give you.

Don’t imply an association that doesn’t exist. Don’t use our brand assets in a manner that suggests any type of association, affiliation, partnership, sponsorship, or endorsement by SurveyMonkey, or in a way that can be reasonably interpreted to suggest editorial content has been authorized by, or represents the views or opinions of SurveyMonkey or its personnel. We suggest that you include a disclaimer of association or endorsement where appropriate. (E.g. “SurveyMonkey is not associated with, nor does it endorse or sponsor this website.”)

Keep it clean. Don’t use our brand assets in conjunction with any content associated with gambling, pornography, or illegal activities.

Use our brand assets civilly. Subject to fair use exceptions, don’t use our brand assets in a way that disparages SurveyMonkey or its business, or in a way that is deceptive, harmful, obscene, unfair, defamatory, infringing, or otherwise objectionable.

Don’t combine our name with yours. Don’t combine our name or brand assets with your name, marks, or names of products and surveys.

No names in titles. Don’t use our name as part of the title of your blog, book, or website.

No confusingly similar uses. You must not attempt to obtain ownership rights in our brand assets, or any confusingly similar approximations, whether by trademark registration, domain name registration (including second-level domain names), or otherwise.

Display our trademark symbol. Please display the SurveyMonkey logo with an accompanying ™ or ® symbol.

Comply with our Terms of Use. You must also use our brand assets in accordance with the SurveyMonkey Terms of Use.

We don’t permit the use of our brand assets on physical goods.

Where appropriate, include an attribution statement in your trademark and copyright notices when using our trademarks.

SurveyMonkey’s trademarks (such as SurveyMonkey, People Powered Data™, and any logo versions of those marks) are owned by SurveyMonkey Inc. and its affiliates in the United States and other countries.