Create programs and experiences that maximize impact in the communities you serve.

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Capture better insights from diverse voices to drive outreach and programming decisions—whether the community you serve is local or international. With 200 targeting options, custom screening questions, and a global panel of 175M+ respondents, it’s easy to collect reliable data fast.

Easily connect with donors and volunteers to improve communication, run more successful events, assess diversity and inclusion metrics, and simplify the donations process. SurveyMonkey gives you one platform to reach the people that matter to your organization so you can grow your impact.

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Quickly select your best candidates for grants, scholarships, and other awards by creating a process that’s polished and painless for organizations and applicants alike. Easily capture the feedback you need, collect applications, coordinate reviews, and streamline award administration with a single, easy-to-use solution. Free up your time to focus on what matters most.

Develop compelling programming and deliver exceptional experiences by listening and acting on patron feedback.

Produce signature insights with an intuitive platform that helps you collect and analyze opinions quickly and easily.

Discover the needs of a global population by leveraging an integrated panel of survey respondents.

Uncover environmental concerns and impacts on human populations to inform investment decisions and drive your mission.

Collect secure and anonymous feedback from the populations you serve with a flexible, HIPAA-compliant feedback solution.

Drive public and civic engagement and measure the impact of your work in your community, membership, or congregation.

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Betsy Scolnik, Board Chair at Women's March Global

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SurveyMonkey Enterprise provides additional features like IT administration, SSO, user controls and permissions, HIPAA compliance, and more.

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