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WSJ|SurveyMonkey Poll: Time at Work

WSJ|SurveyMonkey Poll: Time at Work

In a new poll from the Wall Street Journal and SurveyMonkey, fielded January 18-25 among nearly 10,000 workers across the U.S., a solid majority (71%) say layoffs are unlikely to occur at their company within the next year, while just 27% say layoffs are likely.

The majority of workers (71%) say it’s unlikely that layoffs will occur at their company within the next year while just 27% say it’s likely layoffs will occur. 

  • Those most pessimistic: Half (50%) of workers in advertising, 38% of automotive workers, and 36% of workers in the tech industry say it’s likely their company will face layoffs in the coming year
  • Those most confident: 80% of CEOs say it’s unlikely layoffs will occur at their company within the next year, while just 72% of Individual Contributors, 70% of Senior Managers, 70% of managers and just 68% of VPs say the same.  

More than half (57%) of workers say they aren’t looking for a new job right now, 30% are open to a new job but not actively looking, and 13% are actively looking. Workers who anticipate layoffs at their company within the next year are twice as likely as those who don’t to be actively looking for a new job (19% vs. 10%). 

Two-thirds (67%) of workers would prefer to be notified of their own lay-off, if it were to occur, via an in-person meeting. Even remote workers prefer face-to-face: 53% of those who worked fully from home on an average day say they’d prefer to be laid off via in-person meeting.

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