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Work together smarter and faster by collaborating in SurveyMonkey

Work together smarter and faster by collaborating in SurveyMonkey

You’re running a survey project and, as most projects go, it’s a team effort. You send survey questions to your colleagues for review. Once you finalize the survey, you ask them to test the survey to make sure it works well.

After you deploy the survey and analyze the results, you share the findings with your team or summarize the data in a report for broader distribution. This is your survey project, and while the results can fuel decisions for your team, they are likely to also be invaluable to others in your organization. And in today’s fast-changing environment, it’s more critical than ever to know how the people who matter most to your organization are feeling. By sharing and collaborating around that data, you help to make bigger improvements, not just for your team, but for your entire organization as well.

In the new normal of remote working, empowering your teams to collaborate easily with robust and easy-to-use SaaS software is important. In a SurveyMonkey study of customers carried out between April and June 2020, 65% said the way they work has changed significantly in the wake of COVID-19. Half of customers said that they were using more business tools than previously, and of those, a majority (64%) said specifically that they were using more collaboration tools—second only to video conferencing.

chart showing how work has changed during COVID-19

Collecting feedback with multiple platforms can significantly lengthen the time it takes to complete a project. So it’s no surprise that one of the most common requests we get from customers is for the ability to collaborate in SurveyMonkey for a faster, easier way to get surveys out the door and share results.

We make it easy to work together with colleagues throughout the survey process. With our collaboration features, you can edit questions, test Skip Logic, or chart results. Our survey platform also integrates with key business software, including Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Slack, so you can collect feedback and drive impact without having to learn how to use new tools.

How to collaborate in SurveyMonkey

With our plans specifically designed for teams, you can easily work with teammates without having to share account credentials. This saves time and gives you (and your IT department) peace of mind.

Here’s what you can do with a SurveyMonkey team plan:

  • Share survey data securely without having to share accounts. Share only the surveys you want while keeping your other surveys private. When you give team members access to your surveys, they can directly comment, edit the surveys, and analyze the survey results.
  • Reduce friction during the survey creation process. By using commenting to give and get feedback on surveys and data directly in SurveyMonkey, you can cut down the amount of time it typically takes to circulate surveys via email or printouts across your team or departments.
  • Manage surveys you’ve shared with others and surveys shared with you. Easily choose the team members to collaborate with from your SurveyMonkey account. Either select the team member from the list of names displayed or type a name or an email address.

A team plan can consist of an Admin and 2 Full Users, who can collaborate on designing, sending, and analyzing results. You can also add lower-cost Contributor seats to the plan and give those seats to teammates who don’t need to design or send surveys, but want to focus on analyzing the results using our analysis tools. Find out more about how to build the best team in our article

A SurveyMonkey team plan is the best way for teams to collaborate on surveys, no matter if your colleagues are in the same office, working remotely, or located in different parts of the world! How will you build your dream team? 

Interested in learning more? See our pricing page and find out more about our plan options and what’s included.