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COVID-19 and Reimagining Work

Try our new feedback solutions for adapting to the future of work

Try our new feedback solutions for adapting to the future of work

The COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing social and economic impacts have brought unforeseen challenges to the world of work. But with the right approach and tools, businesses can move forward and prevail. One question we ask ourselves at SurveyMonkey is “how can we deliver value to businesses trying to keep up with the demands of the world we live in today?” Unsurprisingly, the answer always comes back to feedback.

We recently surveyed 3,275 workers across various industries and, of those whose companies had gathered feedback from employees or customers to make decisions in response to the pandemic, only 31% reported a financial decline at their company. Our research suggests that companies that are best positioned to survive and thrive in a crisis are those that combine an agile organizational framework with a culture of curiosity. 

Read on to learn how our feedback solutions are supporting business leaders and their organizations during these rapidly changing times.

From assessing return-to-work readiness among employees to tracking measures to minimize the spread of COVID-19, there are many ways surveys are helping organizations make informed decisions and move forward safely. Take Carlex Glass, for example. The company operates six major plants employing around 1,800 people. Checking every employee daily for COVID-19 risk had the potential to be a cumbersome and budget-compromising process. 

Carlex needed a better way to protect the health of its employees and keep productivity high. Using SurveyMonkey Enterprise, Carlex created a digital packet of information for employees that communicated what to expect about the company’s COVID-19 response and tracked risk factors through daily surveys. Instead of spending an hour and a half checking in each day, employees simply complete a 30-second survey that keeps HR and the company’s Pandemic Oversight Committee informed. 

“SurveyMonkey has created more efficiency in our return-to-work process and a better means of communication with our team members. The ROI has been amazing.”
Bill Walker, Chief Information Officer, Carlex Glass

Madison Area Technical College needed a way to understand and assess how students and instructors were handling rapid changes to their educational process and experience. Using questions and inspiration from our free COVID-related templates, Madison used the data to inform their rapid transition to online classes and adapt to a safer teaching and learning environment.

In addition, SurveyMonkey's built-in quiz capability enables students to complete a survey to assess their health upon entry into college facilities and prior to class. Upon completing the survey, students receive their results immediately as part of the survey, as well as an email receipt of their results, which they can then share with instructors or staff. Further, with Smart Notifications activated, students’ screening results are sent to the instructor prior to class, enabling a swift response to urgent health-related results.

Businesses everywhere are grappling with questions about the future of work, operational safety, and market volatility. To help businesses better navigate the new way of working, we've created a central resource where you can access free templates and guidance. There, you’ll also learn more about our two future of work solutions: SurveyMonkey Workforce Engagement and SurveyMonkey Symptom Tracking.

SurveyMonkey Workforce Engagement solutions provide the expert guidance and rapid insights businesses need to keep teams engaged, supported, and productive, from wherever they’re working. With these solutions you can:

  • Access reports with trend charting, comparative insights, and benchmarking for your business and how your employee feedback compares to other businesses
  • Optionally integrate feedback data with Salesforce, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, or other systems to put feedback into context with your other business data
  • Ensure data collection, retention, and usage are appropriately safeguarded with strengthened security and optional HIPAA-compliant features 
  • Choose a managed package with expert survey setup and programming, response collection setup, and survey send, to deliver a managed service

For businesses that want to screen employees for COVID-19 symptoms, SurveyMonkey’s Symptom Tracking solution provides a simple way for them to do so with a well-known and trusted solution provider. With this secure and scalable solution, you can:

  • Get started quickly with a survey assessment template based on the CDC's Symptoms of Coronavirus list*  
  • Assess anyone, anywhere in the United States, via email, SMS, or turn any mobile device**
  • Respond quickly to health and safety concerns with logic-based Smart Notifications 
  • Automate survey send and response collection via our email collector
  • Get set up quickly with SurveyMonkey Genius, our machine learning tool
  • Make informed decisions and track trends with customizable results reports

Discover how you can easily collect data and insights about symptoms, well-being, and sentiments with SurveyMonkey’s Symptom Tracking solution here.

Our pre-built survey templates are created by our expert survey methodologists. They can be used as-is or can be easily customized by adding or removing questions. Here are some survey templates helping businesses make informed decisions:

No matter your business model, curiosity and agility are key to gaining or maintaining a competitive advantage. In addition, automation and connecting your survey data with existing business systems enable you to make evidence-based decisions that power resilience and success.

Get the insights you need to support the well-being of employees, and them safe, during the pandemic and its aftermath.

*As of September 1, 2020. For more information, see: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/symptoms-testing/symptoms.html

**Advanced collectors such as SMS are optional and available only in select countries. The Symptom Tracking solution allows organizations to collect and use personal information about individuals, including health-related information, which may be subject to various legal requirements in different jurisdictions. THIS SOLUTION IS BUILT FOR AND INTENDED FOR USE ONLY WITHIN THE UNITED STATES. As with all SurveyMonkey services, please consult with your own independent counsel to confirm that your intended use of these services meets your legal needs.