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How single sign-on helps an IT manager scale survey software across thousands of users

How single sign-on helps an IT manager scale survey software across thousands of users

Controlling and securing data from hundreds of surveys can be a tough task for an enterprise IT manager.

And the challenge is even greater if you work at the biggest bilingual university (English-French) in the world, the University of Ottawa, where every year the user population sheds thousands of accounts only to add thousands more right after. Without single sign-on survey software, you’d be in trouble.

Such is life for Marc Alary, an IT manager at uOttawa.

To make purchasing enterprise solutions even more complex, Marc says, “the university is a big, decentralized model.”

This means that a researcher or professor who wants to launch a survey sometimes pays for a one-time software license directly from their research grant—costing the university a lot more than if an enterprise survey solution was available. And other times they ask IT to issue them a license, which implies assigning IT resources to case-by-case approvals—not ideal in terms of efficiency.

So Marc was recently in the market for a survey solution that would help centralize survey data and manage an ever-changing user population. It goes without saying that he needed robust enterprise security features as well.

His wish list?

  • French and English functionality
  • Single Sign-On
  • Scalable licensing
  • Sensible pricing

“We wanted to be able to offer it to all students, all researchers, all staff. But we couldn’t gamble saying, ‘I’ll pay $500 a license, then end up getting 1,000 licenses!’”

If you’ve been on Marc’s end of the enterprise survey software shopping experience, you may understand he was not having an easy time.

“We were looking at different solutions and providers,” he says. “It was all very expensive.”

Along came SurveyMonkey Enterprise, which literally checked all the boxes for Marc and uOttawa.

Literally. All the boxes.

Marc’s shopping listSurveyMonkey Enterprise
French and English functionalityFrench, English, and 14 more languages
Single Sign-OnAnyone logging on with a uottawa.ca account is automatically redirected to the enterprise survey platform
Scalable licensingMarc can onboard as many users as he needs to
Sensible pricingFixed price for a 3-year contract

“SurveyMonkey Enterprise has all the bells and whistles that we need," Marc says. "But the pricing was how I was able to sell it to our administration.”

Learn more about SurveyMonkey Enterprise today.

So the university set about to centralize its survey data and user administration on the SurveyMonkey platform.

With top-notch admin capabilities, Marc can easily manage users at scale. And he can collect the detailed usage stats he will need to justify a renewal down the line.

“It allows me to bring it up to our CIO and say, ‘This is what you’re getting for your money, this is how people are using it right now.’”

Marc couldn’t be more satisfied about the chance to extend the use of SurveyMonkey to anyone and everyone in the university.

For instance, educators can use a ready-made university student satisfaction survey template, department heads can deploy the university faculty satisfaction survey template, and students and researchers can use surveys for all types of academic research.

“We have never had a survey platform open to students before, unless they bought it themselves,” Marc says. “That’s a big improvement.”

“Now the whole university has the opportunity to use something that’s state of the art to enhance their experience.”

Enhance your organization’s feedback collection experience: Talk to us about getting a SurveyMonkey Enterprise demo today.