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Planet Fitness creates a happy, healthy customer experience using feedback

Planet Fitness creates a happy, healthy customer experience using feedback

What matters most to gym patrons? Clean locker rooms? The variety and availability of workout equipment? Or could a friendly greeting from staff be the extra touch that keeps members coming back? 

Planet Fitness Atlantic Holdings, a leading franchisee within the Planet Fitness system, decided to find out. 

Planet Fitness strives to create a clean, safe, and judgement-free environment for its gym members. Gathering regular customer feedback is integral to attaining one of their top company goals: to deliver legendary customer service to their members at all times. 

But after the group expanded to include 31 fitness clubs across Florida, New Jersey, and California, the manual feedback processes that were previously in place were becoming increasingly ineffective and time-intensive. For Director of Marketing Shannon Wilber, that meant hours of time spent sorting through customer feedback and manually creating reports. 

To get feedback into the hands of club managers in time for them to take action on it and before it became stale and outdated, Shannon and her team were looking for an automated and sophisticated way to survey their customers and implement feedback across their fitness clubs. 

After evaluating their options, Planet Fitness moved forward with SurveyMonkey CX to leverage its advanced reporting tools and automation capabilities. The team now saves around 15 hours a month—time previously spent manually setting up surveys, analyzing the results, and creating and sending detailed reports to each individual club manager.

Using SurveyMonkey CX’s Reports feature, Planet Fitness delivers a weekly report to executives’ inboxes so they can monitor how individual clubs are improving customer service metrics. Club managers also get a weekly report to understand key drivers for their gym, so they understand gym member expectations for their location and can effect change. 

While reporting and automation have made life much easier, the team quickly discovered they were also getting immense value from the NPS Key Drivers analysis, which helps them identify which factors have the biggest direct impact on their NPS. Key Drivers questions are customized to the business, so the Planet Fitness team can understand what factors are most strongly correlated with customer satisfaction at their gyms—whether that’s locker room cleanliness, friendly staff, or something else they hadn’t thought of before.

Revenue Impact analysis has also been helpful to connect customer experience improvements to the bottom line, so club managers can track the impact their efforts are having on the business. 

Using SurveyMonkey CX has enabled the Planet Fitness team to better understand their customers’ preferences and sentiment, while also providing visibility into the way club managers are implementing feedback and meeting gym patrons’ expectations. 

By getting customer data into the hands of club managers faster, SurveyMonkey CX enables them to improve the customer service areas that they’re confident will be most meaningful to their members.