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Sharing CX data throughout your org has never been easier

Sharing CX data throughout your org has never been easier

Looking for an easier way to share customer insights with teams throughout your organization? Introducing Reports, our highly anticipated new feature that lets you create custom NPS® dashboards, automate report delivery, and keep your org in the loop. Read on for all the details!

Curious what your customers in a new international market are thinking? Looking for regional or store-specific customer experience data? Keep your finger on the pulse of any customer segment by creating an interactive NPS dashboard, which can be customized with data from multiple surveys and configured using pre-set filters like location, subscription level, and sentiment.

Different teams across your org are interested in different data. Luckily, our new Reports feature makes it easy to customize the information you share with your recipients. It’s fast and intuitive to choose the right charts, data modules, and saved filters for your intended recipients. Plus, you can customize report titles and add descriptions to provide context. And best of all, no CX login is needed to share custom reports with stakeholders.

Turn customer insights into action with SurveyMonkey's turn-key NPS solution.

Whether you’re looking to send a quarterly relationship NPS report for functional leaders or a weekly summary of product feedback and satisfaction trends for Marketing and Product teams, it’s easy to keep your cross-functional partners in the loop. By automating report delivery, you can share out data effortlessly on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

Whether before or after you start collecting feedback, you can set up automated alerts to be triggered whenever a new response comes in that matches your desired criteria. Here are a few ways you can use alerts to stay on top of customer feedback:

  • Daily alerts routed to Support and Account Management for quick response
  • Detractor alerts so you can reach out to your most at risk customers ASAP
  • Promoter alerts so you can boost word-of-mouth and leverage promoters in your marketing

Want to do more with your data? It’s easy to download the response data powering any custom report for further analysis.

Want to see this new feature in action? Log in or schedule a sales demo today!

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