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Introducing the GetFeedback Suite: Usabilla and GetFeedback come together to simplify CX

Introducing the GetFeedback Suite: Usabilla and GetFeedback come together to simplify CX

Great customer experience is no longer optional—it’s expected, across every channel and every interaction. Your customers won’t settle for less. If you don't pay attention, someone else will be acting on their needs and will win their business. 

There’s a lot at stake in today’s ultra-competitive landscape, and companies that fall short of their customers’ expectations will feel the impact. In fact, companies lose over $136 billion each year because of bad CX. That’s why now more than ever, it’s critical to listen and take action on customer feedback. 

Here at SurveyMonkey, we’ve been helping our customers collect and act on feedback for over 20 years. We’re committed to building solutions that help organizations deliver exceptional customer experiences—without the need for an army of consultants to get up and running. 

Today, we’re excited to announce the new GetFeedback Suite, which brings together the powerful technologies behind Usabilla, a leading app for gathering in-the-moment digital feedback, and GetFeedback, the top-rated feedback solution for Salesforce. The suite will enable organizations to get a multi-channel view of their customers’ experience across their entire digital journey so they can deliver a seamless experience that fosters customer loyalty and growth. Better still, our technology is easy to deploy and quick to deliver value. 

When SurveyMonkey acquired Usabilla in April 2019 and GetFeedback in September 2019, we extended our commitment to deliver the most robust, scalable, and easy-to-use solutions for CX professionals. 

Now, in bringing together the unique and complementary features of these two products into one holistic suite, we’re making it easier than ever to measure and take action on customer feedback across the customer journey. 

Together, Usabilla and GetFeedback form a robust suite that’s easy to use and can be fully implemented in days, not months, so companies can start making an impact on their customer experience immediately. By simplifying CX, we’re helping organizations drive memorable experiences with agility and ease, retaining customers and driving bottom-line business results.

The suite will enable any business to:

  • ASK for feedback at any touchpoint, across any digital channel along the customer journey, including their website, chat, SMS, email, and mobile apps.
  • ANALYZE their customer experience data and get insights into the right hands, at the right moments, to enable teams to drive meaningful change in service of their customers. 
  • ACT on critical feedback quickly by triggering intelligent events based on customer characteristics and sentiment, and exposing outcome-driven tasks directly within the systems their teams are already working in, like Salesforce. 

To learn more about how SurveyMonkey is simplifying CX, head over to Usabilla to find out how you can start measuring your digital customer experience today, or visit GetFeedback to learn about connecting your customer feedback to Salesforce.