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Survey tips and tricks: how to export your data

Survey tips and tricks: how to export your data

The most important part of your survey is your data. Think of it as the pot of gold at the end of the survey rainbow. It’s a precious treasure that you definitely want to hold onto, and exporting your data lets you have it nearby for safe-keeping whenever you need it. We offer a number of ways to do this so you can choose the option that’s best for you.

If you’re looking to have an overall summary of responses, our PDF export provides you with a beautiful presentation of your data. Perhaps you need to see a full report of your respondent’s data as individual responses? Then you may want to consider the All Responses spreadsheet export.

Are you in need of a numerical representation of your responses? Not a problem. We’ve got you taken care of with the Numerical spreadsheet option.

Downloading your responses is now just a quick hop, skip and a jump away. We’re currently hosting two versions of the Analyze tool: Analyze Classic and our new (upcoming) Analyze Beta. When you’re in your survey account and you see the banner to try out Analyze Beta at the top of the page, then you’ll know you’re in Classic. Feel free to try Beta out to get the feel of each. You can always switch back to Classic.

For the purposes of today’s tip, we’ll stick with our good friend, Classic.

Let the exporting magic begin! Click on the Download Responses button on the menu to the left.

Download responses

Next you can choose the download that will make your life a little easier. Do you have Open-ended responses you want to see, or Filters you’d like to include?

Then don’t forget to check off the box to apply these to your export.

Export open-ended responses

Lastly, click the Request Download button at the bottom right and you’ll be taken to the Download History page.

Pro Tip: Some browsers will require you to refresh the page in order to see the complete download.

You’ve now mastered the art of exporting–congrats! Feel free to check out our resource page on Charts and find out how you can create custom charts; learn more about designing Custom Reports and see how making a report using Crosstabs can all help take your data to the next level.

Have questions for Katie? Don’t be shy–leave them in the Comments section below and don’t forget to check out our Help Center for even more tips and tricks!