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How to export individual responses

How to export individual responses

You can never have too much of a good thing, right? Well, that’s exactly how we feel when it comes to data–and when you want to bask in the glory of your raw, unadulterated data, the All Responses export is the way to go. Whether you’re an Excel whiz, or have access to the oh-so-sophisticated SPSS software, we have an export file type for you.

When exporting your data into the .XLS (or .XLS+) file type, you’ll be presented with a full spreadsheet of your raw data. You can also customize the sheet to be a Condensed, Expanded or Numerical export. The questions will display in the top row of the sheet, and the responses will show in the corresponding columns. If you’ve used multiple collectors, we also include a “Collector Sheet” which allows you to match up the collect ID in the spreadsheet to the collector you’ve used. Also, if you’ve used our Email Invitation Collector, there will be columns dedicated to displaying the email addresses of your respondents, and any Custom Tags you may have used. Here’s a little eye candy for you:

The next delightful piece of exporting goodness we’ll serve up is our SPSS format. This software is widely used by our market research, health research, government and education research customers. If you’re lucky enough to own this fine piece of analytical awesomeness, then you can export the .sav file and get your analysis on! SPSS has the ability to look at your data from a lot of angles, and will allow you to sculpt it into a methodological masterpiece! If you’d like more information on SPSS software, you can visit their site here.

Here’s a peek of what the export can look like:

We also have a new addition joining our exporting family with the PDF Individual Responses export. This option is available through Analyze Beta currently if you’d like to check it out!

Now that you’ve gotten a peek into the tantalizing world of exporting individual responses, you can take these exports out for a spin. Happy exporting, my data-loving friends!

Thoughts? Let Katie know below!