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Event planning made easy

Event planning made easy

The beginning of Fall brings changing leaves, changing weather, and…the start of the holiday event season. Before you groan (or panic!), we’re here to help. Whether you’re planning a year-end conference, your office party, or just trying to organize the extended family for the holiday potluck, we’ve got tools that make planning easy—giving you more time to enjoy the festivities (and wrap presents, too).

Give your guests exactly what they want, when they want it, by surveying them in advance. That’s right—finding out food preferences, travel plans, and event expectations in advance means you’ll be calm and collected when the day comes.

Check out our Event Planning Survey template (included in every plan), which you can easily edit to meet your needs.

Gather RSVPs, send directions, and find out who’s bringing what—all in a single form. No more group emails to deal with, no more maps as attachments (that get lost). Simplify your life (and your data collection) using Wufoo forms. And if you’re charging fees for your party, you can even collect payments with Wufoo.

Check out this Wufoo Potluck RSVP template, which you can customize to perfection for your next soiree.

The best part of using SurveyMonkey or Wufoo for event planning is that you’ll get information back in a format you can actually use. Know right away which speakers to book. Immediately see how many chicken, beef, or vegetarian meals to order. And when you’re done with your event, send a post-event survey that helps you see what to improve for next year.

Have tips for successful event organization and planning? Please share them with us in the comments below.