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Axios|SurveyMonkey poll: dabbing

Axios|SurveyMonkey poll: dabbing

Dabbling in Dabbing

Just 20 percent of Americans have either used dabs themselves or know someone who has, and another 29 percent are unsure if they know someone who has used the drug. Half of the youngest millennials (18-24 year-olds) have or know someone who has used the drug. Just three percent of seniors can say the same. 

  • The specifics behind “dabs” and “dabbing” are a mystery to 67 percent of people who say they do not know much or anything at all about this highly potent drug trend.
  • There are greater concentrations of those in the know among young people (34% of 18-24 year-olds) and people who live in a major urban city (21%). 

Which Vice is Worse for One’s Health?

  • Thinking about the relative harm to one’s health, 42 percent say cigarettes are most harmful to one’s health. Young people account for a large chunk of this group with far more of the youngest age cohort (56% of 18-24 y/os) seeing cigarettes as most harmful (pitted against alcohol and marijuana).
  • Alternatively, half (49%) of the oldest age group think they are all equally bad. 

Puff or Pass: Weeding out the Dangerous Ways to Consume Marijuana 

  • While many Americans (63%) support legalization of marijuana on a national level, 34 percent of people think all listed forms (smoking, vaping, dabbing, edibles) of consuming marijuana are harmful with vaping coming in second place as most harmful for 27 percent of Americans. 
  • Some differences by age as well with 12 percent of millennials saying none of these methods are harmful, only two percent of seniors in agreement. 
  • Rather, 43 percent of the 65+ say they are all equally harmful methods, but just 32 percent of 18-34 year olds who believe this is the case. 

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